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Make Server Management and Website Administration Easy with cPanel Dedicated Server Hosting

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As an owner of a website running on a dedicated server, you are required to perform a variety of different server management tasks. A control panel can significantly simplify complex management procedures by enabling you to maintain, configure, and manage your server and all its functions with little effort. An easy-to-use, full-featured control panel can make all the difference in the world between a smooth server management experience and an utterly frustrating one.

When you are deciding which control panel to use with your dedicated server, chances are cPanel will be your final choice. But what exactly is it about this web hosting control panel that makes it so popular with web administrators and end-users alike? What makes cPanel a preferred choice when it comes to a control panel for managing VPS servers, dedicated servers, and reseller hosting accounts?

In this article, we will explore cPanel hosting by looking at what cPanel is, why you may want to use cPanel with your dedicated server, and the benefits you will experience by using cPanel dedicated hosting.

What is cPanel?

cPanel is a graphical web-based control panel designed to simplify the process of server management and website administration. One of the most popular server management tools available on the market today, cPanel allows web server administrators and webmasters to accomplish daily technical operations quickly and effortlessly.

Out of all the control panel solutions available, cPanel is known for offering more than standard website management systems. cPanel is known as a fully featured platform that has all the necessary capabilities to help you manage every aspect of your hosting environment easily and efficiently. cPanel puts the administrative power in your hands and gives you complete control in managing anything from end users’ websites and hosting reseller accounts to entire dedicated servers.

Cpanel is combined with another software program called Web Host Manager (WHM). WHM is a web-based tool used for server wide system administration and maintenance. The cPanel and WHM package allows you to manage every aspect of your server’s web hosting needs. The cPanel/WHM combination makes it easy to set up hosting packages, create, suspend and delete user accounts, and handle billing, which is why the cPanel/WHM suite is a preferred choice for web hosting resellers.

Both cPanel and WHM boast many features that help make them superior to the competition. cPanel/WHM’s applications are constantly kept up-to-date with new extensions and plug-ins being added regularly to allow customization and enhanced functionality of both control panels.

Why use cPanel with your dedicated server?

The power of cPanel control panel can be used for managing entire server environments. Many dedicated server hosting providers include cPanel with their service offerings. A cPanel dedicated hosting plan provides an easy way for both new and advanced webmasters to manage their dedicated servers by using cPanel control panel. A dedicated server with cPanel can run on many Linux based operating systems, including CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise, Fedora, and FreeBSD. With the proven stability and reliability of these Linux distributions, you can be sure your services will run smoothly on a cPanel dedicated server.

cPanel dedicated servers are much easier to manage than dedicated servers that do not have the cPanel/WHM suite installed on them. By using cPanel you get access to web GUI (the WHM interface) from which you can manage many different aspects of your cPanel dedicated hosting service. WHM allows you to control the accounts on your cPanel dedicated server with respect to bandwidth and disk space control, domain parking and pointing, and much more. You can also use WHM to add e-mail accounts, access and backup your files, and even set up shopping carts.

With a cPanel dedicated server you will be able to enjoy a highly reliable hosting environment. cPanel and WHM consume very little system resources which means that in the event your server suffers a load spike there will be resources available to handle the load. If reliable web hosting is something you are looking for, choose cPanel dedicated server hosting and you will have access to a highly reliable web hosting service.

The benefits of using cPanel dedicated server hosting

There are many benefits to using cPanel dedicated server hosting. This type of hosting is equally advantageous to beginning website managers and experienced server administrators, as well as busy ecommerce websites and personal blog owners. The key benefits of using cPanel dedicated server web hosting are as follows:

Proven security and stability. cPanel dedicated hosting offers a secure hosting environment in which you can host all your data and business-critical web applications safely, knowing that your Linux dedicated server is unlikely to become compromised. With security features such as virus protection, password protection, and usage restrictions, cPanel dedicated web hosting is considered to be one of the most reliable and secure types of hosting available.

Simplified server management. cPanel dedicated server hosting offers a fabulous graphic interface through which you can manage your server and websites. cPanel can be used to manage email, web directories, error pages, databases, backups, FTP functionality, and more. It’s an extremely simple, easy-to-use control panel set up with the beginner in mind, but with many added bonuses that an advanced cPanel hosting user will be able to enjoy.

A variety of useful features. cPanel dedicated server hosting comes with many great features. Aside from the things mentioned above, such as advanced spam filters and other email features, cPanel hosting offers the following useful features: Cron Jobs, Chatroom management, bulletin board, Leech Protection, HotLink Protection, SSL Manager, Network Tools, MySQL database administration, and many more.

Low cost. cPanel dedicated servers are built on open-source software which eliminates the need for many costly and limited licensing requirements. Some cPanel dedicated server hosts charge a small monthly fee for the use of cPanel. For around $25 per month, you will get the power and simplicity of one of the best and most popular tools on the marketplace.

The benefits of using cPanel dedicated server hosting show that dedicated servers with cPanel are a worthy investment if you want to make the most of website management and server configuration for your organization. By using cPanel dedicated server hosting, you will get an extremely reliable and stable web hosting service.

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