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Maximize Your Profit with cPanel Dedicated Server Hosting

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From the smallest start-up to the largest multinational corporation, every business is committed to one goal: making a profit. Whenever your business is in the black, you can continue to reinvest, grow, and take home a good salary. You may even have obligations to investors and shareholders, adding additional pressure to keep making profit.

Dedicated server hosting is one of the more costly ways to get your business’s web presence online. Additionally, it is incredibly important that your server provides an excellent return on investment (ROI) by bringing you direct revenue and profit you would not have otherwise received. But did you know that your choice of web hosting control panel can also play a significant part in the success of your dedicated server? There are numerous options available to control a dedicated server hosting plan, but finding the right one for your needs can make the difference between a healthy profit and significant financial loss.

In this article, experienced and dedicated server hosting provider JaguarPC looks at the implications of choosing a cPanel dedicated server hosting plan in terms of your profits. You will learn about the key features of a cPanel dedicated server, and how these features enable you to increase your revenue from online sales or advertising. What’s more, the article explains how choosing cPanel reduces your outgoing costs, enabling you to keep more of your revenue as profit to power your business and pay your salary.

What is cPanel dedicated server hosting?

When you order a dedicated server hosting plan, most web hosting providers allow you to choose from a range of geographic locations. However, it is usually beneficial to choose a location close to your customers, not necessarily close to you. If, for example, the majority of your customers are in the U.S. West Coast, hosting your dedicated server in this area will help keep the performance of your site and your page loading times fast.

Since the hardware that runs your dedicated server hosting plan is unlikely to be conveniently located with easy on-site access, you will also need a browser-based control panel for most of your routine administration. The most popular web hosting control panel on the market today for managing dedicated servers is cPanel.

cPanel is a secure way to log in to your dedicated server and perform the most common tasks, without the need to physically access the server or work with complex root commands. cPanel enables you to perform a vast selection of tasks on your dedicated server without being on-site. These include uploading files and folders, working with mailboxes, configuring domain settings, and managing databases.

Dedicated server hosting plans with cPanel give you instant access and complete control over your server, all from one easy-to-use interface.

cPanel dedicated server hosting increases your revenue

With the endless features cPanel dedicated server hosting makes available to you, it is possible to find new ways to attract visitors online and turn them into lucrative ongoing customers.

Increasingly, people who are shopping online for products or services look for an all-encompassing experience. Rather than simply offering product information and a sales contact sheet online, the most successful businesses use the power and dependability of a dedicated server to launch highly interactive web content, including message boards, social communities, and product review functionality. cPanel makes it easy to upload the files you need to run this type of experience, alter settings for server-side scripting languages such as PHP, and configure databases. This is just one way cPanel dedicated server hosting can help you offer the type of content that draws new business and increases your revenue.

In addition, many cPanel features can be used to improve your customer service, reduce churn, and earn more money from each customer. cPanel works well with popular billing and support systems, such as WHMCS, and can also be used to set up appropriate email addresses for your departments, such as [email protected] or [email protected].

By choosing a cPanel dedicated server, you can increase your revenue from both new and existing customers. But maximizing your profit is about more than growing your revenue.

cPanel dedicated server hosting reduces your expenditures

The other side of achieving the best possible profits from your dedicated server hosting plan is keeping your costs low.

Once your dedicated server is up and running, regular administrative tasks will be required. From setting up a new email address to backing up your mission-critical data, server administration takes time. cPanel is remarkably easy to use, drastically reducing the costs associated with spending hours on website administration or employing an expert to do so.

Finally, cPanel itself is an affordable browser-based control panel. Some web hosting providers include cPanel with a dedicated server hosting plan, while others charge a nominal fee. In either instance, a cPanel dedicated server does not add to your operating expense; in fact, the only thing cPanel adds to your hosting plan is value.

Get a cPanel dedicated server hosting plan from JaguarPC

As an industry leader with more than 13 years of experience, JaguarPC can provide a cPanel dedicated server to meet your goals and help you achieve a profit from the online arm of your business.

Customers can select from a broad range of dedicated server hosting solutions. As a point of entry to dedicated servers, JaguarPC provides an affordable, yet powerful plan with a quad core Intel i5-2500 processor, 4GB ECC RAM, and a 1TB hard disk. At the other end of the scale, customers can choose a server with 2 x Intel Xeon E5606 processors, 16GB ECC RAM, and a staggering 4TB RAID storage system.

To help customers make the most of their hosting plan, JaguarPC includes cPanel & WHM free of charge with every dedicated server, in addition to free R1Soft backup licensing, free remote reboots, and root access for precise control.

Every JaguarPC cPanel dedicated server hosting plan also features a 100% uptime service level agreement and 24/7/365 technical support.

To learn more about cPanel dedicated server hosting from JaguarPC, call 1-888-338-5261 or visit today.

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