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Meet our Technical Support Manager

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JaguarPC would like to introduce Katrina, our technical support manager.  Katrina has been busy tidying up support since her arrival and many improvements have already been put into place. Katrina has a great sense of humor and is always striving to improve support and create new systems to make our daily operations run more smoothly. Please, take a few moments to acquaint yourself with one of our most vivacious staff members here at JaguarPC.

What brought you to JaguarPC?
I knew someone who worked here previously and they brought the company to my attention. Once I started looking at the company, I liked what I saw. It is a solid growth company that has good communication with customers, an active forum, and an excellent knowledge base.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background?
I come from a large family of nothing but computer geeks. My two sons are also a bit on the computer geek side. If you don’t know much about computers and want to be bored to death, come eat dinner with us! I am an Air Force veteran and I started on the Internet before there really was an Internet. I loved the old BBS days! I was running a computer shop at that time and I was learning how to build and repair them.  I worked for another hosting provider for 8 years before coming to JaguarPC.

What is the best part of your job?
I enjoy being part of a very dynamic company with lots of great future plans and helping customers any way I can. I have always liked helping people and I am really looking forward to helping improve our support for both our customers and our staff.

What challenges are you planning to overcome here at JaguarPC?
My job here is to improve support and manage the support staff. I am looking at improving communication with customers further when there are server issues, improving the handling of some issues, and we are currently looking at ways to increase the speed of full server restores and testing those options.

As a support manager, is there anything you would like to let JaguarPC customers know?
Yes! I see all feedback that comes back on tickets so please do leave feedback there and I also see any suggestions in our feedback forum. We do want to hear from you all! Feel free to ask to have a ticket sent to me if you feel it is not being handled correctly or in a timely manner. You can also find me in the forums as JPC-Katrina.

What activities do you enjoy when you find some leisure time?
I’m out running around on my little scooter chasing the wind or I’m geocaching ( a game which uses a GPS device to find thousands of hidden caches all over the world full of “treasures” or just log books to sign).

JaguarPC is delighted with the addition of Katrina to our stellar support team. We know you will be too!


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