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More Than a Blog – The Power of WordPress Hosting

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To serve potential bloggers and make creating your online home easier, WordPress was developed as a simple and streamlined blogging platform. WordPress made it possible for people to write online content without worrying about design and web development.

But in the years since WordPress was launched, the platform has become so much more than just a blog tool. The same convenient interface and accessible terminology that made WordPress so popular among the blogging community have been extended to cover almost every type of online content.

WordPress has come full circle, from a platform that allowed inexperienced individuals to get online, to a tool that helps businesses save time and money.

Unlimited WordPress hosting provider JaguarPC has put together the following information revealing how WordPress has become a fully featured content management system, or CMS. Read on to learn the value a CMS provides for any business about to launch a website, and how the features of WordPress make it the leading choice for quick and easy content management. In addition, you will learn what you need in a WordPress hosting plan.

Why your website is better with a CMS

For many years, creating a website required good knowledge of HTML, the markup language that makes up web pages, and the ability to configure the settings of your hosting plan manually. Today, every successful business has a website. But not every person who wants to get a website online has the expertise to code a website. Instead, they can use a CMS.

A CMS is a web application that separates content from design. As a result, adding new content and updating it regularly requires less work with little to no hands-on coding or programming.

With a content management system, all the information on your website is stored in a database, while design and layout information is stored in a series of HTML templates. You can also create your own HTML template, have one developed by a professional web designer, or use one of the thousands of templates and themes already available.

When somebody visits your website, a CMS will:

–  Find the relevant code to create the visual elements of your page

–  Insert navigation elements such as menus into the design

–  Add the relevant written content to the page

Because a CMS goes through these steps every time a visitor logs on to your website, it can be referred to as a dynamic system. The various parts that make up your website are stored separately from each other and as a result, can be edited more conveniently.

If you want to create a new page of written content to match your existing design, why look at the code that makes up your layout? Conversely, if you only need to tweak how your website looks, why let your written content get in the way?

A CMS divides the different aspects of your website, making it easier and far less time-consuming to maintain your site. Whatever approach you are currently using to run your online presence, a CMS could make the experience less stressful.

The three best CMS features of WordPress

What makes WordPress a CMS is an abundance of features for managing layout, media, and content. With so many features available as soon as your WordPress installation is up and running, in addition to customized features that are available by installing plugins, you can use WordPress as the foundation for just about any type of website.

But what are the core features you will use most often? Let’s look at just three aspects of WordPress that make it an excellent choice of CMS.

1. WYSIWYG editing

Every CMS includes What You See Is What You Get editing, a visual interface that works just like your favorite word processor. The most distinctive thing about the WordPress editing interface is that it can be customized to show only the features you use, streamlining how you style your content.

2. Create persistent navigation

Once you have started to fill your website with excellent content, you need to help your visitors find their way around. WordPress makes this easy, thanks to a hierarchical menu system you can use to easily add pages. With this system, adding a menu to your site is as simple as dragging it into a widgetized section of your theme.

3. Customize your installation

Nobody wants a website that looks just like all the rest. WordPress can be customized with plugins and themes, and because WordPress is the most popular CMS on the Web, there are thousands of downloads available. At the time of writing, the WordPress ( website features 1,627 themes and a staggering 22,141 plugins.

With so many downloads available, you can add the unique CMS functionality you need for your website, giving you a tailored way to handle your entire site.

Unlimited WordPress hosting plans from JaguarPC

If you plan to use the WordPress CMS and experiment with a variety of themes, plugins, and widgets, you will need a WordPress hosting plan with enough disk space to support your goals. In addition, as you create rich and exciting content, you will need additional resources, such as bandwidth, to maintain the best performance.

JaguarPC offers a range of unlimited WordPress hosting services, giving you the resources you need to succeed. Each plan comes complete with unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited MySQL databases. With so much hardware power on your side, you can even use your WordPress hosting account for multiple websites using the WordPress multi-site feature.

In addition, plans feature 24/7/365 technical support, an extensive online knowledgebase to help you make the most of your WordPress installation, and a 100% network uptime guarantee.

Whatever the scale of your website, and whatever type of content you plan to offer, make sure it is supported by the best content management system, on the most reliable web hosting plan on the Web.

To learn more about JaguarPC WordPress web hosting, call 1-888-338-5261 or visit today.

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