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First let me say I haven’t tried any of these pulgins at this point. I do see some some value in them from a SEO perspective, and possibly to enhance user experience. I will be experimenting with them in the near future.

For all the details read this blog post Five Minuet Blog SEO. Michael Jensen who wrote the article gives a brief description of why he thinks each plugin has some value.

  1. A Links
  2. Increase Blog Comments: Show Top Commentators
  3. Increase Blog Comments: Subscribe to Comments
  4. Ultimate Tag Warrior
  5. Related Entries
  6. Add Meta Tags

In addition to a brief summary Michael also provides some links to other resources. If you Blog, I think the article is a worthwhile read, even if you use a CMS other than WordPress.

If anyone has tried or tries any of these pulgins please comment.

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