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Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained

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Happy New Year! Wait.. that was so last week. Well, I hope the New Year is finding you happy and healthy so far!

Before I go any futher, I should apologize for introduce myself: My name is Tracie, one of the latest newcomers to JaguarPC Web Hosting and I’ll be taking over helping out with the JaguarPC blog. (Don’t worry… we’ve still got Connie chained to the desk around to post those awesomely interesting articles about Google, Spam, internet security, etc.)

I thought I’d start off by telling you all about my visit to the eye doctor today. (It was the kind of visit where they put a bunch of drops in your eyes that make you see double and scream, “bright light! bright light!” as soon as you step outside.)

You might be thinking, “What the heck does that got to do with web hosting?” You might also be thinking “who’s this crazy lady?” Don’t worry. You’ll get used to me. 🙂

I was called up to the counter before my appointment so they could update my records with my insurance, address, etc. and they asked me to pay my co-pay amount. I have a flex spending account through my husband’s employer that covers this. Since it’s so early in the new year I have not yet received the new account number and debit card. I asked that they bill me. She stares at me a second then says they can’t do that. I explain the situation and she doesn’t argue one bit and simply agrees to bill me. I had to explain this two more times (when I picked out my new glasses, and during checkout). At first they all told me they could not bill me. When I explained the situation, I got what I asked for.

I chuckled to myself as I walked out (that is, until the sun shone down on my extremely dilated eyeballs like the death star blasting Princess Leia’s homeworld, then I stifled a scream). All I had to do was ask, and I received what I wanted. It didn’t hurt anyone to ask and the worst case scenario is they say no.

Here at Jaguar PC, we welcome you to ask questions. We pride ourselves on offering the best possible customer support. You never know unless you ask. Need a coupon code? Ask! Need a deal? Ask! Will you always get the answer you want? Not always. But we’ll do our best and it never hurts to ask.

Today I was asked, “Are you running any specials?” Are we ever! We are almost always offering a special or a little something extra with our plans. You can find our latest deals on our web hosting forums (if you didn’t know, we have an outstanding forum community at Jaguar PC) under the thread: Web Hosting Sales, Pre-Sales, Specials and Coupons. Check it out!

That’s it for today’s installment. Check back often for tips and tricks and hopefully some minor entertainment! You can also subscribe to the JaguarPC Web Hosting Blog Feed. Now that your system administrators have blocked MySpace and Facebook at the firewall you need something to keep yourself entertained, right?? 😉

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