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Opt for a Managed Linux Dedicated Host from JaguarPC

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Dedicated hosting provides businesses and professionals a reliable hosting environment that excels in performance without sacrificing flexibility. Only a dedicated server can meet the strenuous demands of ecommerce platforms, popular blogs, and other top online destinations. At the same time, dedicated hosts let clients create custom hosting environments, which is not possible with cheaper shared hosting or even virtual private servers.

Small and medium businesses (SMBs) can benefit in many ways from the use of a dedicated hosting solution. When considering the savings made by using a dedicated server instead of an in-house machine or a VPS, it is clear that dedicated servers are the right choice for small companies. In order to take full advantage of the power and flexibility of a dedicated machine, JaguarPC recommends choosing a managed Linux dedicated server.

Read on to see why Linux dedicated managed services are the best option for your business and how managed Linux dedicated hosting services are superior to unmanaged hosting solutions.

What makes a managed Linux dedicated server better than an unmanaged hosting solution

To reduce costs, many business owners or IT managers are tempted to forgo managed services and choose to host their web sites on unmanaged dedicated servers. The unmanaged option has a major drawback: it requires an additional investment of time and resources, which effectively cancels the initial savings.

With unmanaged dedicated hosting, businesses need to hire specialized personnel or to reassign existing staff towards server administration. Both options incur costs, and, in a difficult economic context, companies need to pay close attention to budget.

On the other hand, the managed Linux dedicated server hosting services offered by JaguarPC have no hidden costs. JaguarPC customers get a full package for a flat monthly fee, which includes all services related to the administration of the Linux dedicated managed server. The monthly cost of using a fully managed Linux dedicated server hosting solution from JaguarPC is a fraction of the expenses required to hire and train a specialized server administrator.

Technical expertise available with fully managed Linux dedicated server hosting

Linux dedicated servers are powerful and complex machines that require an expert administrator to run at their full potential. By opting for a Linux dedicated hosting managed server from JaguarPC, you gain access to the years of experience of a team of professional administrators that know the ins and outs of Linux hosting. You will be hard pressed to find a server administrator who can match the technical knowledge of JaguarPC’s technicians.

Moreover, Linux is a complex operating system, with thousands of features and settings. Only a professional, like the technical engineers at JaguarPC, can harness the full power of Linux and the open source ecosystem.

Host with JaguarPC and let us handle your dedicated server

Employing some of the best IT specialists in the hosting industry, JaguarPC has the human resources required to operate a network of state-of-the-art fully managed Linux dedicated servers. If you are looking for a certified professional that can relieve you from the daily chores of server administration, all at a reasonable price, the Linux dedicated managed servers offered by JaguarPC are the ideal solution.

JaguarPC is proud to be the managed Linux dedicated server hosting service provider for thousands of satisfied customers. The success of the company stems from JaguarPC’s commitment to protect the interests of each customer. With JaguarPC, you can be sure that your managed Linux dedicated server is in good hands, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For more details about Linux dedicated managed server hosting or to order a plan, call 1-800-659-9585 or visit www.jaguarpc.com today.

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