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public forums – the good, the bad, the ugly

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So its no mystery that we have a great community here. And Ive never hid behind anything or shy away from public postings, even ones not in this forum. This can have some great benfits, I get to know some people on a personal level, of course the branding benefit, and people can put a name or personality to the company.

Unfortunately it isnt without its ugly side either. Our reputation among clients and the internet at large is nothing short of stellar <-- I love to use, and over use that term! In a certain public forum, cough w, cough ht , cough, we have been eating quantities of crud in the last mont or so. The really unfortunate issue with this is that it all stems from just 2-3 users which are double back posting on each others threads, followed by heaps of competitors thread bumping while posting what they are construing as helpful post, and paid forum posters (yes this is a web service) of seemingly anonymous posters that back, recommend, or further create false and further damaging messages on these threads. The end result, 2 straight months of thread bumpings and to the public the appearance that we are some evil bad company. It also makes the less educated think, on no, this is the end of that host , better jump ship. These host jumpers are not going to ever stick with one host and are of little concern. Its the educated long term clients that end up suffering when this happens. The degrading and deplorable acts of other hosts and clients that beleive support is done by 3rd party public forums is really a sickness to the hosting industry. Like all large muscle bound hosts we easily over come these negative acts and rarely if ever even notice a decline in sales for them. But what they do is affect our staff, morale, and that sirs does nothing for anyone on the web. Its all too easy these days to think that you can hide behind your monitor and type what you want. Has the world forgot that there are human beings that are meant to read your comments? Its my wish that one day the gutter of the internet becomes a little more civilized and online merchants get at least the same respect you would show to a clerk working at your local best buy.

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