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Reduce Costs and Improve Reliability with Managed Linux Dedicated Hosting from JaguarPC

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Companies and organizations from around the world rely on dedicated web hosting services to ensure uncompromised reliability and performance for their web sites. Dedicated hosting is a truly powerful and flexible hosting solution, which gives clients control over an entire server as opposed to cheaper solutions that allocate a limited amount of resources.

One of the most popular types of dedicated hosting is managed Linux dedicated server hosting. A specialist in Linux dedicated managed server hosting, JaguarPC has recently published an article analyzing the cost benefits of using a Linux dedicated hosting service, titled Save Money the Smart Way by Choosing a Linux Dedicated Managed Server. In the article, you can learn about the characteristics that make fully managed Linux dedicated server hosting more affordable than equivalent solutions running Windows, and more affordable than unmanaged dedicated servers.

Linux dedicated hosting managed servers are less expensive than you think

As you read the latest JaguarPC article, the prices of managed Linux dedicated hosting solutions have decreased steadily as technology has become more accessible, and hosting providers continue to compete to deliver the most affordable solutions.

Moreover, the cost of quality managed Linux dedicated server hosting is relatively small when compared to the dedicated servers that run Windows Server. The article explains the reason for the price discrepancy that exists between managed Windows machines and Linux dedicated managed servers, but also emphasizes one other important aspect: the cost of software. There are numerous free and open source applications that can be installed on a managed Linux dedicated hosting server, allowing companies to easily adapt and transform the server according to their needs.

Choose the managed services from JaguarPC to protect your website without breaking your budget

JaguarPC employs a team of experienced system administrators who have the expertise required to run a managed Linux dedicated server. Never take chances with your valuable investment – it’s important to only allow specialists to manage your hosting environment, especially when you depend on your online presence for revenue.

As the article shows, Linux dedicated managed server hosting can actually be cheaper than unmanaged hosting solutions. In addition, a managed Linux dedicated server host also improves reliability and efficiency as many companies cannot afford to hire a full time server administrator. Instead, they typically assign the responsibility to existing members of the staff. In most cases, employees don’t have the time or expertise required to properly manage the Linux dedicated server, which leads to downtime, vulnerabilities, and inefficiencies.

The managed Linux dedicated server hosting services provided by JaguarPC offer the simple solution to the inherent drawbacks of unmanaged services. By outsourcing managed services to JaguarPC, clients get an experienced team of professional administrators who monitor the dedicated server 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and act promptly at the first sign of trouble.

Quality comes first with fully managed Linux dedicated server hosting solutions from JaguarPC

By offering a comprehensive set of services at an affordable price, JaguarPC lets you benefit from the power of managed Linux dedicated server hosting. You no longer need to worry about the functioning of your dedicated server, and you no longer need to set aside a hefty sum of money to cover unexpected costs. JaguarPC takes every step to ensure the reliability, security, and the functioning of your Linux dedicated managed server.

Security is always important regardless if you host a blog or a financial application that processes millions of dollars. To keep threats at bay, JaguarPC executes a thorough security hardening on every fully managed Linux dedicated server hosting solution, giving you the peace of mind that your interests are protected. For the ultimate reliability, a team of specialists closely monitors each dedicated server and intervenes to solve problems before they turn into a major crisis.

For more details on JaguarPC’s managed Linux dedicated server hosting or to order a plan, call 1-800-659-9585 or visit

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