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Say no to These Black Hat Techniques

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There are many techniques one can follow for SEO but then which are the right ones, you should get the one set in your mind wrong techniques will cost you very dear. Avoid the following ways: 1.Doorway page- Creating a doorway page can jeopardize your website’s status as doorway pages are prohibited by search engines. Doorway pages are fraudulent method to manipulate search engine results but are never viewed by users. 2.Invisible Text- Placing invisible text i.e. white text on white background to gain high ranking is unethical & can get you banned from search engines. 3.SEO Ploy- SEO is done for high search engine ranking but using them in wrong methods can cost you removal from search engine list & also ruin your reputation for utilizing such practices. 4.Link Farm- Link farms are created for primary purpose of exploiting search engine ranking, but these farms do not provide any useful information but inversely spoil your web sites ranking. Search engines have very strict rules against these link farms.

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