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Small Business Hosting Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive to Be Effective

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From real estate firms to auto repair shops, no modern business can afford to miss out on the opportunities provided by the Internet. With shoppers increasingly relying on the Web for finding good products and services, small businesses need to be present online, and more importantly, they need to be active online. A Facebook page, a Twitter account, and an entry on Yelp are all useful methods for reaching prospective customers that would otherwise be lost. And above anything else, small businesses need to have a website that engages and educates visitors.

In this context, the demand for quality small business hosting is booming, and more and more hosting companies are positioning themselves as small business hosting providers. But in their desire to tap into this attractive market, some providers simply slap a business hosting label on their private-hosting services and increase the price a notch to match the new status.

As a result, for small business owners and IT managers, it’s increasingly difficult to distinguish between genuine business hosting offers and overpriced, underpowered alternatives that have little to do with business besides a pretentious name.

Let the features do the talking

The simplest way to avoid the traps set by some business hosting providers is to look at the hard facts that can’t be altered.

For instance, you may find a small business hosting solution that offers unlimited resources for a price that is equal to or even smaller than a plan with limited resources. Of course, the quick answer is to choose the unlimited hosting solution. But this solution may lack business-centric features that are critical for your particular business scenario, such as support for a dedicated IP or payment gateway integration.

The point is to read between the lines, and while you’re at it, take a second look at that fine print as well. You may find that a seemingly great solution for your business is lacking a key element. Or conversely, you can get all the resources and features that you need without investing in a pricey “enterprise” plan. As with other things concerning your business, with small business servers, it’s all about the details.

Here’s a brief rundown of the most important things to consider when choosing a small business website hosting solution:

Resources – processor, RAM, disk space, bandwidth
Availability – the higher the better
Security – server monitoring, server hardening, anti-spam filters
Email – support for multiple email accounts
Business features – depending on your specific needs

The bottom line – is good business hosting necessarily expensive?

The answer is a firm “no.” You can find plenty of reasonably-priced small business web hosting plans that give you everything you need to host a successful website for your company, whether you require a presentation site, an online store, or a complex portal that integrates a store, a blog, a client section, and other business-oriented elements.

You don’t have to invest thousands of dollars in a business server to get good results. With a little patience and some thorough thinking, you can get an excellent solution at the fraction of the cost of other dedicated business web hosting plans. Don’t forget to take into account your future growth and the total cost of ownership (TCO). Make a plan and don’t hesitate to use a pen and paper. If you think the task is beyond your expertise, ask the advice of a savvier colleague or even of a professional consultant. Your precaution will certainly pay off later.

JaguarPC delivers high-end results without the high-end expenses

Founded over 13 years ago, JaguarPC is a quality personal and small business hosting provider that covers the entire spectrum of hosting solutions. Whether you are looking for a new home for your blog or for a heavy-duty business server for your company, you can get it at JaguarPC for a price that will pleasantly surprise you.

JaguarPC offers reasonably-priced hosting solutions for companies of all sizes. Feature-rich and boasting generous resource allowances, JaguarPC’s web hosting services impress through performance and flexibility.

Learn more about the small business hosting plans provided by JaguarPC or order a solution that meets your company’s needs by visiting or by calling 1-888-338-5261 today.

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