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Testing your PC memory

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A couple of months ago a power surge burnt (not literally) one of the memory sticks in my PC. I found it after quite a hassle. My computer would start normally but there was no video output. First I thought it had something to do with video card but eventually after removing one memory stick at a time I found the bad one. I was down to 3GB.

That was not the end of it. A couple of weeks ago my Windows Vista started crashing frequently with the blue death screen. Unfortunately the blue screen disappears so quickly, you would need a photoghraphic memory to capture the information from it. First I thought it was some bad software and refreshed my system with OS reload. But this continued. Googling found that it had something to do with some outdated driver or memory. So I went to memtest86.com and downloaded the small iso zip file and booted my pc through it. And viola I do have bad memory – pun intended :). Thanks to this laptop I’m still connected to the world.

Now I have to find which stick is bad so I’m going through one stick at a time. It is painfully slow process but that’s life. I will post the results later how it goes. With two sticks gone bad it is time to buy more RAM, and may be ddr800 this time as the prices have insanely gone down since I bought ddr667 last year.

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