Three Essential Features of Web Hosting Data Centers ~ Jaguarpc Three Essential Features of Web Hosting Data Centers ~ Jaguarpc

Three Essential Features of JaguarPC Web Hosting Data Centers

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JaguarPC operates in numerous web hosting facilities around the world to offer stable, reliable, and incredibly fast shared web hosting services, virtual private server hosting (VPS hosting), and dedicated server hosting plans. However, trying to understand all of the individual features of a web hosting data center can sometimes be a complex task, even for experienced webmasters.

To give you an overview of how the JaguarPC data centers contribute to the quality of service we offer, here are the top three features we demand of every data center we work with:

1. Web hosting services powered by redundant feeds and N+1 generators

All JaguarPC hosting data centers offer dual redundant power feeds to pipe in electricity through conventional underground cabling. We regularly review the power consumption of each web hosting facility to ensure provisions are in place to support every device that needs to be online.

While this source is usually sufficient to keep the network online, there is always a risk of unexpected power failure. To protect against this, it is vital that a facility offers backup power sources, including generators with large-scale diesel reserves. Our web hosting services are provided from facilities with N+1 uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), meaning that the amount of backup power available is always slightly more than offered by conventional mains power. This guarantees that even if a module in our UPS fails at the same time as mains power, our servers will still have access to all the power they require.

2. Cooling and environmental controls to maintain web hosting plan performance

Since the masses of computer equipment within a hosting data center generate a high amount of heat, every facility must be equipped with adequate climate control and cooling to maintain hardware stability. As with every aspect of a web hosting infrastructure, redundancy is the single most important feature we look for.

Ideally, a facility will have sufficient air conditioning units to regulate temperatures correctly and will also have backup units for use in the event of primary cooling system failure. While these additional air conditioning units stand idle most of the time – hence the term “redundant” – they can quickly step in to keep web hosting servers from overheating.

Of course, precise temperature regulation depends on accurate temperature measurement. The data centers used by JaguarPC monitor temperatures at more than 450 points each, providing an overall view of the facility’s climate, as well as identifying specific areas of the building that are running hot.

3. Secure web hosting services in closely controlled hosting data centers

Finally, given the important equipment residing within a web hosting data center, JaguarPC considers the security of a facility to be imperative. In addition to the expense of replacing lost, stolen, or vandalized hardware, unauthorized access to a data center can potentially result in the loss of irreplaceable data.

JaguarPC’s shared hosting, VPS web hosting services, and dedicated server hosting plans are all offered from secure data centers with hardware protected by locked and secure cabinets and racks. Many of our data centers offer biometric and fingerprint access control, continuous recorded CCTV, and escorted access to keep your data and your web presence safe.

Reliable, stable, and secure web hosting services from JaguarPC

Drawing on our years of experience in the web hosting industry, JaguarPC hand-selects the best web hosting data centers in the world to make getting fast and reliable web hosting easier for you.

Currently, JaguarPC operates in six different data center locations, from Atlanta, GA to the United Kingdom. Within these facilities, JaguarPC deploys high-availability web hosting with a 100% network uptime service level agreement (SLA), giving you complete peace of mind that your website will always be online.

From shared web hosting plans and VPS web hosting services to hybrid servers and dedicated server hosting, JaguarPC uses best-in-class facilities to deliver unrivaled web hosting services.

For more information on web hosting services from JaguarPC and the JaguarPC facilities, call 1-888-338-5261 or visit today.

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