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Three Surprising Things You Can Do with WordPress Hosting

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As one of the most popular blogging platforms in the world and, in the past few years, the leading choice of content management system (CMS), most people have heard of WordPress. What started as a website where you could launch a blog for free is now a fully featured platform for creating, maintaining, and updating your entire website.

But most people who use WordPress hosting only scratch the surface of what their WordPress installation can really do. The platform offers far more than the ability to create pages and post blogs, right out of the box. In addition, since WordPress is so easily customized with plugins, you can quickly install a range of more advanced features your website requires.

Read on to learn about three surprising things you can do with WordPress and WordPress hosting, and how these impressive additional features can help you to make your online content a success.

Create user-generated content with a WordPress message board

The success of any website depends on quality content. Although it is quality, not quantity, that ultimately determines how search engine crawlers and visitors perceive your website, creating a large amount of attractive and engaging information is ideal.

Discussions from your existing customers, potential customers, and regular visitors will always be of interest to readers, and are a great way to generate a lot of content without increasing your workload. WordPress plugins make it easy to add a message board to your website without using a separate platform.

One of the most popular WordPress message board plugins is Simple:Press ( Simple:Press includes the core message board platform, user registration pages, and full integration with your WordPress registrations and logins. Best of all, this powerful forum software is free.

Of course, once you have started to extend, customize, and add new features to your WordPress installation, you will need to keep all of your data safe. Fortunately, WordPress can help.

Protect your data with an automated WordPress backup plugin

With no additional plugins, WordPress allows you to export data, including pages and posts, from the Tools menu in your control panel. You can then use the same menu in a new WordPress installation to migrate all of your data. But how do you protect your images, user registrations, and other content that is not included in the Export functionality?

The answer is with a WordPress backup plugin. Some plugins, such as Backup (, will create compressed .zip files on your server, which you can download. One of our favorites is WPB2D (, which lets you automate backups and have them sent directly to your Dropbox. Similar plugins are available for all types of backup services.

Your WordPress hosting may include overall backups, but with a WordPress-specific tool being so easy to add, it is easy to get additional assurance that your data is safe.

Use the WordPress multi-site feature with unlimited WordPress hosting

Finally, WordPress comes with built-in multi-site functionality that allows you to host multiple websites on multiple domains, from one WordPress installation. As a result, all of your administration is consolidated into one convenient control panel.

Just imagine – you can create an entire network of related websites, without adding to your administrative workload. For more help on creating a network, visit

Other than WordPress, the only thing you need to create an entire network of sites is permission to host unlimited domains on your WordPress hosting plan.

At JaguarPC, we offer unlimited WordPress hosting plans that include unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and domains, giving you the flexibility you need to expand your website.

For more information on JaguarPC WordPress hosting services, call 1-888-338-5261 or visit now.

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