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Three Ways Drupal Hosting Can Save You Money

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With web development and website management technology evolving so rapidly, it is easy to forget that only a little over a decade ago, content management systems like Drupal hosting were non-existent. Adding a new page of content to your web presence once meant writing raw HTML code or using an HTML editor like Dreamweaver before uploading each page and updating your existing navigation menu. Thankfully, content management systems (CMS) have largely automated the way that webmasters work with content. Services such as Drupal hosting make it possible for you to add new content from a convenient, browser-based control panel, or edit existing content without going back to the source code.

But what kind of impact does a Drupal hosting plan have on your ability to make money online? How can Drupal hosting save you money to increase your margins and, ultimately, help you take home even more profit? Let’s look at three of the major features of Drupal hosting that can lead to dramatic savings for your business.

1. Drupal hosting is quick and easy to use
Fundamentally, Drupal hosting services save you money because they save you time. While a traditional approach to content involves creating every page independently, a content management system intelligently ties together all of your content, from static web pages of information to video content or podcasts.

When you log in to your Drupal hosting control panel, you can immediately publish a new content item to a specific area of your website. This content can be written in HTML code for full control over formatting, or using a “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” (WYSIWYG) interface similar to the one in your favorite word processor. Then, once your content is formatted, you can assign tags and keywords to every content item, helping to categorize your content and aid user navigation.

As soon as content is published, it is added to relevant menus and category indexes automatically. Rather than wasting hours checking your hyperlinks and adjusting your navigation menus, you can simply launch your new addition and let your visitors see it right away.

2. Drupal hosting keeps content organized
Another major expense when it comes to managing your website content is the time spent organizing it and determining a hierarchical page structure. Usually, this expense starts accumulating with the start of your development process. However, these expensive man-hours dedicated to developing content structure would be better spent elsewhere.

Drupal hosting is a system designed from the ground-up to impose a hierarchical structure on your content. While some degree of foresight and planning will still be of benefit, your Drupal hosting plan will prompt you to locate all of your content within a main category or sub-category. This keeps similar content grouped together, helping your visitors to find what they are looking for and giving you more opportunities to convert visitors into paying customers.

3. Drupal hosting uses free, open source software
Finally, Drupal hosting saves you money as soon as you install it for one major reason: Drupal is open source software, available completely free-of-charge. While some content management systems require you to pay an expensive installation fee followed by a monthly or annual license fee, Drupal offers almost identical content management features without increasing the price of your chosen web hosting plan.

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