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Three Ways VPS Hosting with WHMCS Can Transform Your Online Sales

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As you get your virtual private server hosting (VPS hosting) up-and-running, you will probably focus on the commercial value of your web presence. Whether you use VPS hosting services to run an extension of your offline business, to focus on the Internet as your primary sales channel, or to offer VPS reseller hosting, it is possible to begin selling your products and services quickly using the range of ecommerce software available online.

But finding success online and maximizing your revenue depends on far more than simply making your products and services available to visitors. Every business, online or offline, is most lucrative when customers can find the tools they need for pre-sales inquiries, making a purchase, and getting additional support and assistance in the months and years that follow.

WHMCS is a comprehensive sales and support application that was initially designed for use by web hosting managers and VPS reseller hosting, but can be added to your JaguarPC VPS hosting plan to improve almost any type of sales process. Read on to learn more about the features available in WHMCS and how this powerful, easy-to-use application can help you increase your online revenue.

1. WHMCS makes billing your VPS hosting visitors easy

Although most online sales systems use immediate billing that takes place before the order is confirmed and products are dispatched, there are some occasions when an invoicing system is more appropriate. Perhaps you run a business from your website that offers services rather than physical products, and to bill customers for these services, you need to issue single or recurring invoices.

WHMCS was designed from the ground-up to offer a robust, remarkably easy-to-use billing system. With WHMCS, it is possible to create invoices using a diverse range of templates adorned with your company logo. These invoices can then be issued manually from the WHMCS control panel on your VPS hosting plan or automated to save you administration time. In addition, should a customer’s payment become overdue, WHMCS can dispatch a reminder email with no manual input required.

2. Improve your customer support with WHMCS for your VPS hosting plan

In addition to invoicing your customers when they make a purchase or continue to use your service, WHMCS features advanced support systems. Even if you do not use your VPS hosting service as a sales channel, offering in-depth customer support is a great way to keep your visitors informed about what your business offers, and how they can make the most of your web presence.

Once you have installed WHMCS on your VPS hosting plan, it is possible to publish announcements and news updates on your company, create a knowledgebase with useful articles and instructional guides, and offer ticketed support to track and organize customer inquiries. With ticketed support, your visitors can post their questions to specific departments within your organization, making it easier for you and your team to remain efficient and keep on top of customer issues. By keeping your customers happier, you can reduce churn and collect ongoing revenue.

3. Use WHMCS reports to measure the success of sales on your VPS hosting service

Finally, one of the most important aspects of running a reseller VPS hosting business or selling other products online is evaluating your performance. It is only by routinely analyzing your sales that you can discover new areas for improvement and identify weaknesses in your sales strategy.

WHMCS comes complete with a collection of reporting systems, including graphs to measure orders and customer support efficiency. Once you have installed WHMCS on your VPS hosting plan, you can also define targets for your performance and view detailed forecasts indicating your progress in reaching your goals.

VPS hosting with optional WHMCS from JaguarPC

Across billing, support, and reporting, WHMCS turns your VPS hosting plan into an end-to-end sales solution. With such powerful and easy-to-use features, it is no surprise that WHMCS is routinely used by reseller VPS hosting users, freelancers, and service providers alike.

JaguarPC offers Linux VPS web hosting and Windows VPS web hosting with the RAM, disk space, and bandwidth you need to turn your website vision into a reality. Customers can add WHMCS to their existing VPS hosting plan for a small monthly charge.

WHMCS is also available on JaguarPC’s competitive reseller VPS hosting services, giving you everything that you need to start your own web hosting company online.

To find out more about VPS hosting and reseller VPS hosting from JaguarPC, call 1-888-338-5261 or visit today.

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