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Unlimited Web Hosting is a Perfect Solution for Hosting Multiple Websites of Any Type and Size

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With so many shared hosting options available these days, which hosting solution is the right one for your website? Lately, many web hosting providers have started offering low cost unlimited hosting plans that come bundled with lots of unlimited options, making them a preferable choice over regular shared web hosting services with limited resources. Gone are the days of limitations, now you can enjoy the scalability of a dedicated server in a shared hosting package. For a small fee, you can host multiple e-commerce websites on a single hosting account, install a complex CMS with lots of content and a huge user base with a separate MySQL database and email account for each user, or run multiple WordPress MU blogs simultaneously – the possibilities are endless.

The best thing about unlimited hosting is that it offers great savings for users who need to host multiple websites because they don’t need to purchase a separate account for each website. Not long ago, if you wanted to run several websites, you would need to get a separate hosting account with a domain for each website. With unlimited web hosting, you can easily host any number of websites with different domains or sub-domains on a single hosting account so you can save significantly on your hosting expenses. Management is also greatly simplified as you can manage all your websites from a centralized location instead of managing each website separately via its own control panel.

An abundance of resources, the ability to host multiple websites, simple and fast management, and a low price – what else would you need for a great hosting experience? If you are looking for web hosting with enough resources to accommodate your thriving website or you want to run multiple websites simultaneously without having to spend a lot of money on multiple hosting accounts, unlimited web hosting is just the right solution.

So what exactly is unlimited in unlimited hosting plans?

Many users are often confused when they hear the term “unlimited web hosting.” Some people think that it is a scam or a gimmick and that nothing can really be unlimited. Let’s see what exactly “unlimited” means in terms of hosting services.

First, hosting providers offer unlimited disk space in their plans. Sure, you can’t have a hard drive with unlimited disk space and even if you keep adding hard drives, the remaining storage capacity will still be limited. By offering “unlimited disk space” hosting providers mean that you can keep adding files to your hosting account without any cap, or a limit, arbitrarily placed by a provider. Theoretically, you could have gigabytes of files, and your hosting provider will allow you to host that amount provided that your files are related to your website, e.g. they must be web pages, images, or media content linked with your website. This restriction is applied to prevent using a hosting account as an online file storage facility instead of hosting websites.

Other unlimited options offered by hosting providers are directly related to the unlimited disk space option. For example, you can also get options such as unlimited domains (including parked and sub-domains), MySQL databases, email accounts, and FTP accounts. All these options only make sense if you have enough disk space to accommodate all your accounts and databases. Naturally, endless disk space will allow you to host virtually any number of websites complete with their own MySQL databases, email, and FTP accounts. With so much disk space available, why not host your website on an unlimited web hosting account?

Some web hosts also offer unlimited data transfer in their unlimited hosting plans. This option means that your site can generate any amount of traffic without any limits or restrictions applied by your hosting provider. For example, if you run a blog whose popularity grows steadily resulting in increased inbound traffic, an unlimited hosting plan will allow you to keep your website up and running without any restrictions imposed by your web host. However, the “unlimited” rule only applies to disk space and bandwidth. Naturally, if your website starts utilizing other server resources like CPU cycles and RAM, which are limited, you would need to upgrade to a more powerful VPS hosting solution or dedicated hosting plan.

JaguarPC offers unlimited web hosting service with unparalleled uptime and excellent customer support

Unlimited hosting offers many great options for hosting websites powered by popular Content Management Systems such as Joomla and Drupal, blogs, e-commerce websites, and almost any other kind of tools or applications you can think of. However, getting an unlimited hosting plan for your website is only part of the equation. For a first class hosting experience, you need to sign up with a reputable and reliable web host that can provide outstanding uptime and a high level of support. Your website is a 24/7 business so it must be available around the clock, day in and day out. Providing an unparalleled network uptime and industry-leading customer support has been JaguarPC’s mission for more than 13 years. Host with JaguarPC today and learn how years of hosting experience can help your website perform better.

Unlimited hosting plans from JaguarPC deliver a lot more than comparable hosting services from other web hosts. In addition to options like endless disk space, unlimited data transfer, unlimited domains, MySQL databases, email and FTP accounts, you get a super reliable hosting environment with 100% uptime, a top-of-the-line redundant infrastructure, 24/7 network monitoring system, continuous user data backups, and expert tech support available via live chat, email, ticket system, and phone. JaguarPC will set up your unlimited hosting account quickly so you can get your website up and running in no time. And web hosting customers who already have a website can get it transferred to JaguarPC servers from the previous provider without hassle and absolutely free of charge.

To learn more about unlimited web hosting service with a host of powerful features visit or call JaguarPC representatives at 1.800.659.9585 today.

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