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Web Hosting Technology Update

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Web and VPS HostingJaguarPC took a break from the office last week and enjoyed mingling with some excellent minds from a few area technology firms at the IT Summit Denver. While we rubbed elbows with a big crowd we took note of some cutting edge technologies which will lead to an even better web and VPS hosting experience for all of our clients. The IT community in Colorado is filled with professionals who are loaded with innovative ideas and are constantly pushing the limits of technology to explore new regions of insight that will bring gains to the web and VPS hosting industry overall. Colorado is becoming a premier territory for hosting technology innovation. Colorado even has some whispers that the new silicon valley is already here.

Highlights of the Day

Backup Products

In an age when data size and storage needs continue to grow more services and systems are needed to maintain data integrity, storage and recovery. Some online storage and backup services may not be as secure as you would believe. If

you aren’t backing up your data on a regular basis you are taking a risk you can’t afford. Off site, secure and regularly scheduled backup services are necessary. 62% of businesses that have a data loss event or disaster fail entirely. It may be time for you to re-assess your own backup.


VPS and Web Hosting It would not have been an IT event of any worth without some good information on security and as Web and VPS Hosting professionals, we find that to be extra important. The malicious nature of some of the things that get done on the internet means security is one of the top priorities. Malware, spam, brute force attacks and other activities that target you and inflict damage are now more detectable than ever. The roles are reversing on security. While people are becoming more knowledgeable about threats they are also taking action to secure their systems and services. Advanced detection services allow for some real time tracking so that it is becoming easier to locate the point of the attacks and stop them. JaguarPC encourages all of our clients to use strong passwords and to be proactive with your online security practices.


IT Denver Summit also featured a full day of speaking events. One that really stood out was, “Harnessing the Power of Human Ingenuity.” If you operate your business or website only across the Internet then you may be missing the integral part of people and their clever and adaptive nature. Systems can allow your business to get a good level of production but when the true interaction of people is added that success and productivity factor rises. Try to get out to a few events and meet in a physical form to inspire more innovation, productivity and collaboration that can all bring your business farther and faster and push you towards success.

Denver Convention Center

The Denver Convention Center is a beast on space. We all wanted one of the Segways that the staff were using to manage the distance. All the same the architecture of the building is truly amazing. It was a good modern look and feel that suited the advanced Internet technology event. The IT Summit Denver event was convenient to light rail so many industry experts didn’t have the big commute. The combination of seeing technology in transportation, architecture and technology like Segways made for an all around inspiring day. The JaguarPC team will be spending the rest of the week reviewing and assessing all that we learned and explored in an effort to better optimize our web and VPS hosting services.

Hot Take Always

Web and VPS Hosting Aaron, one of our new team members came away with a nice gift certificate. He has plans to purchase some new technology to keep his sales efforts rolling. We want to thank the 911 IT teams of El Paso county and Teller county for their contribution. JaguarPC is headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO and we have team members in Teller County. Thank you 911 for working hard to keep our services online in the event of emergencies. JaguarPC brings the best managed VPS, shared, dedicated, cloud and Reseller web hosting services to our clients. If you need a type of hosting or IT service that you don’t see offered contact us at sales@jaguarpc or 1-888-338-5261 and we may be able to provide the solution you need. We have been a web and vps hosting provider that believes in excellence in web hosting for over 16 years. Our level of experience and our demand for exceptional client care in our services and support means we pass only the best along to you.

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