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What is Drupal Hosting?

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When it comes to making your web presence successful, having excellent content is the single most important criteria. There is little use in attracting visitors to your brand-new website if you do not have anything interesting, informative, or useful for them to see once they arrive. However, building and organizing an entire website, filled with content, from static web pages to videos, can be a difficult endeavor.

Drupal is an open source content management system (CMS) that helps you keep your website content organized. Drupal hosting gives you everything you need to develop a logical structure for your content and publish new content quickly and easily.

In this article, Drupal hosting provider JaguarPC teaches you the basics of Drupal hosting, helping you decide whether this CMS is right for you. Read on to learn how Drupal hosting has grown in popularity and find out how Drupal hosting makes it easier to keep your content organized, secure, and interesting.

The growth and popularity of Drupal hosting

Launched as an open source project in 2001, Drupal was initially developed by Dries Buytaert, a developer who hoped to create a custom message board system. However, the nature of open source, community-driven software is such that things rarely progress in their intended direction. In this case, the large community of developers who became interested in Drupal helped to turn the project into a purpose-built CMS.

Drupal hosting became a streamlined way for webmasters to create large amounts of content and manage this content without needing to continually work with source code. Over the years, use of Drupal hosting has increased by as much as 125% year-over-year, and today, it is estimated that approximately 1.5% of all websites on the Internet are operated using Drupal hosting.

Distinctively, Drupal hosting is one of the few content management systems dedicated strictly to content management. While easy–to-use alternatives such as WordPress began as blogging platforms, every major feature of Drupal hosting was conceived with one goal in mind: to make content management and content publishing quicker and easier.

The core features of Drupal hosting include the following:

Publish and format static web pages using a convenient, browser-based interface
Publish unique content types, including blogs, forums, and polls
Launch RSS feeds to make it easier for your users to follow your content
Control access to your website and set permissions for other contributors
Monitor your visits and access exhaustive statistics about your content

Every one of these features plays a vital role in keeping your content under control. But why should you invest your energy in launching your site using Drupal hosting? What are the essential benefits that make Drupal hosting such a popular content management system?

Why you should structure your content with Drupal hosting

Whether you are a novice webmaster or an expert web developer, the essence of a successful web presence is interesting content. If your visitors find it difficult to navigate your content and find the articles, videos, audio files, etc., that interest them, they will quickly give up on your website and navigate to a competing site.

Drupal hosting keeps content organized in a number of ways. First, the hierarchical nature of Drupal hosting puts all of your content in specific categories and sub-categories, grouping related items by subject. You can even add custom keywords and tags to link your content together in specific ways to help keep your content organized. This information can then be easily translated into a streamlined, easy-to-use menu system that lets your visitors explore your content effortlessly. Of course, this also makes your life easier by providing structure to every page that you publish.

In addition, Drupal hosting has an essential role to play in search engine optimization (SEO). The robots that crawl the Internet looking for websites to index need just as much help navigating your site as your visitors do, if not more. By using the formatting tools of Drupal hosting alongside its logical menus and hierarchical structure, you can help ensure that your website achieves a good rank on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Drupal hosting offers security for your data and your content

As well as its immediate benefits to your website’s organization, Drupal hosting also has a strong reputation for security. As you increase the scale of your web presence and create potentially hundreds, or even thousands of pages of great content, a malicious attack or hardware failure could cost you years of hard work. Drupal hosting secures content in two ways.

First, Drupal includes a very granular, detailed user permissions system. In some instances, you may want to invite additional users to contribute content to your website by giving them access to your Drupal hosting control panel. When you add a new user login, you can customize the options and tools that are available to this user, or configure Drupal to ask for your authorization before actions made by this user are processed.

Second, Drupal makes it easy to back up your content to a remote server or your local hard drive. You can manually make a copy of your MySQL database and related Drupal files, or you can make compressed backups in minutes using optional Drupal modules that automate the backup process.

Drupal hosting keeps you prepared for the expansion of your content

We have explored the different ways that Drupal hosting can save you time, and as a result, money, as you build out your website content. Drupal hosting equips you with a reliable, powerful content management system that keeps your content organized even as you expand. But one of the most appealing features of Drupal hosting is its scalability and customizability.

Within Drupal, it is possible to define custom content types. For example, you might want to start publishing press releases on your website in a standard format. To do this, you can create a “Press Release” content type with fields for location, date, source, embargo date, and more. In addition to creating custom content types, you can use Drupal modules to introduce new features and functions into the Drupal hosting system, from Google Analytics compatibility to a CAPTCHA system for user authentication.

The core features of Drupal hosting make it an essential choice for any webmaster who understands the importance of content. With Drupal, you can be completely confident that your CMS will not only suit your immediate goals, but that it will also adapt with your changing needs for years to come.

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With years of experience as a reputable Drupal host, JaguarPC understands the hosting features that you need to make your Drupal hosting plan a success.

JaguarPC currently offers Drupal hosting services on an unlimited shared web hosting platform. These affordable Drupal hosting plans include unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains, and unlimited MySQL databases, giving you everything you need to begin building your content immediately.

You can also install Drupal on any JaguarPC hosting plan, including VPS web hosting or dedicated server hosting solutions. With Softaculous, an automated script installer, getting up-and-running with Drupal takes mere minutes.

Every JaguarPC Drupal hosting service is also accompanied by a 24/7/365 customer service and technical support service, including a 30-day money-back guarantee in the event that you are not completely satisfied.

To learn more about Drupal hosting services from JaguarPC, call 1-888-338-5261 or visit jaguarpc.com today.

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