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What is VPS Hosting?

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With so many different terms to refer to very similar services, the world of virtual private server (VPS) hosting can overwhelm even fairly experienced webmasters. Web hosts might refer to their virtualized options as “VPS hosting” or “VPS web hosting,” while some companies might use terms like “virtual machine” or “virtual dedicated server.” In essence, these services all use the same core technology, falling into the category of VPS hosting plans.

Try not to be put off by the initial complexity of VPS hosting; the advantages of choosing a VPS web hosting plan for your web presence are numerous. VPS hosting is not only more versatile, consistent, and reliable than shared hosting plans, but it is also available at a much lower price point than a dedicated server. As a result, businesses of all sizes can increase the return on their investment and reduce their overall operating costs.

In this article, experienced VPS host JaguarPC focuses on a seemingly simple question: what is VPS hosting? You will learn what sits under the hood of a virtual private server and gain a better understanding of this fantastic technology. The article also outlines some of the key benefits of choosing VPS hosting for your business, explaining the phenomenal popularity of virtualized web hosting.

How does VPS hosting work?

In the early years of the Internet, there was only one way to get your business online and offer a web presence for your customers: running an entire dedicated server. Running a dedicated server that was always connected to the Internet made it possible for businesses to provide content that could be accessed by people anywhere in the world and at any time of the day. However, businesses soon realized that they were paying large sums of money to rent dedicated servers that they did not fully use. This was the birth of shared hosting, where the functionality and expense of a dedicated server is shared by individual webmasters.

The downside of shared web hosting is that the behavior of one user impacts the others. If one hosted website becomes very popular, the stress of handling this extra traffic can leave the server unable to cater for the other shared hosting users who depend on it. Alternatively, VPS hosting plans offer the dependability and control of a dedicated server, with the affordability of shared hosting.

By means of a piece of software called a hypervisor, VPS hosting uses a dedicated server divided into smaller virtual machines (VMs), each with their own operating system and allocated system resources. These individual VMs are all completely independent and are capable of being rebooted, reconfigured, or altered without impacting other users. As a result, the behavior of other VPS hosting users sharing your hardware will never result in diminished performance of your website.

The independent nature of VPS hosting and its range of unique benefits that cannot be found on a shared hosting plan or dedicated server are what makes VPS hosting one of the most popular types of web hosting service currently available.

The benefits of VPS hosting

VPS web hosting continues to grow in popularity, with more and more businesses deciding to launch their web presences in virtualized environments. Several major benefits are commonly associated with VPS hosting solutions, each of which can help you fulfill your online potential, achieve your business goals, and increase your overall profit.

VPS hosting is dependable

As outlined above, a virtual private server is particularly dependable in terms of reliability. Your VPS hosting plan behaves completely independently of the other accounts sharing your server, helping to ensure that your website does not suffer slow page loading times or sudden, unplanned downtime. A VPS hosting service is also particularly dependable in terms of performance. While shared hosting accounts dynamically use hardware resources such as RAM, CPU, and bandwidth as required, the fixed allocation of resources assigned to your VPS plan is wholly yours and unavailable to other users. This makes it possible to depend on your server’s ability to run even the most demanding web applications.

VPS hosting is affordable

An entire dedicated server hosting plan can be expensive to run, making it almost impossible for a small business to maintain good margins and turn a profit. However, shared hosting lacks the essential features that some webmasters need to run their content and build their traffic over time. VPS hosting provides features almost identical to those of dedicated hosting, but at a fraction of the cost. In some cases, VPS hosting is available for only a few dollars more than a shared hosting plan.

VPS hosting is secure

Whether you are dealing with internal, confidential data or information supplied by your customers, it is your obligation to keep data safe and secure. Shared web hosting only places a fine barrier between your information and all of the other users who share your hardware; VPS hosting uses clearly defined partitions to keep every virtual machine self-contained and secure, making it suitable for storing even your mission-critical and highly sensitive data.

VPS hosting puts you in control

What use is a server that restricts your usage or does not allow you to configure crucial settings? One of the main reasons companies invest in dedicated servers is that they want access to system settings. As a more affordable alternative, VPS hosting offers server control on a number of different levels, from root access and remote OS reboots for major system changes, to a convenient, browser-based control panel for adjusting your VPS hosting settings.

Together, these VPS hosting features give you the opportunity to create the web presence your business needs to succeed, at a price that is affordable, sustainable, and profitable.

Order a VPS hosting plan from JaguarPC

As a specialty provider of managed VPS hosting plans, JaguarPC knows VPS hosting inside-out and offers services designed to suit businesses of all sizes. Whether you are just getting started online or you are searching for a VPS hosting plan with complete control, JaguarPC offers the right service for you.

Every JaguarPC VPS hosting service is deployed on state-of-the-art server hardware, including RAID-10 arrays for lightning speed data transfer and Quad-core Xeon VPS nodes. JaguarPC currently offers Linux VPS hosting and Windows VPS hosting plans across four tiered service levels, helping you find the precise system resource allocation that fits your business.

JaguarPC also complements quality VPS servers with professional VPS management software, including SolusVM and cPanel & WHM VPS hosting. This software is subject to JaguarPC’s 24/7/365 technical support service and a generous 30-day money-back guarantee.

To learn more about VPS hosting plans from JaguarPC, call 1-888-338-5261 or visit jaguarpc.com today.

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