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What to Look for in a Web Hosting Data Center

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From shared web hosting plans to virtual private servers (VPS hosting services) and dedicated server solutions, every kind of web hosting service depends on a solid network infrastructure in order to perform effectively. Even with the most generous resource allocations and web hosting features, it is the web hosting data center that ultimately defines how available, responsive, and fast your web hosting plan is to your visitors.

But what should you expect from a data center? Although it is the responsibility of your web hosting provider to choose the most appropriate facilities available, you should always take the time to consider how your host’s infrastructure could affect the quality of your preferred hosting plan.

To help you understand the most important features of a web hosting data center, experienced web host JaguarPC has published a new article, How the Best Hosting Data Center Supports Your Web Hosting Services. In our article, you will learn more about the features of a data center facility, including environmental control, network devices, and the server hardware your data is located on. You will also learn how the right equipment, matched with the right network design and implementation, can help you deliver the best possible service to your website visitors.

Web hosting services require a solid environment, matched with robust hardware

Web hosting providers often explain the features of their network back-end and front-end systems, without explaining that this only makes up one section of a dependable web hosting data center. If your web hosting services are going to perform well and remain highly available, it is important that your host operates from a data center facility offering suitable utilities that will not fail unexpectedly.

In our recently published article, JaguarPC draws from our experience as a web hosting provider to discuss the two most essential systems within a web hosting data center: reliable power and sufficient cooling. You will learn how the best data centers use complex power systems, combining standard mains power with backup generators that come into use if primary sources fail. The article also shares information on which cooling features you should check for in a data center facility.

In addition, our latest article explains how redundant network devices eliminate single points of failure to keep your shared hosting services, VPS web hosting, and dedicated servers online. Availability is widely considered the most crucial factor in running a successful web presence, while protecting your reputation for professionalism, reliability, and great customer service. By reading the article, you will improve your ability to identify a web hosting data center that can keep your website online at all times.

Order reliable and high-availability web hosting services from JaguarPC

With our years of experience in providing quality web hosting services, JaguarPC has the expertise it takes to find and work with some of the best hosting data centers in the world. JaguarPC currently operates from six distinct facilities in locations including the United States and United Kingdom, guaranteeing your data is located where your users can most easily access it.

Customers can select from a wide range of services designed to suit everyone from individuals to start-up businesses and larger organizations. JaguarPC offers shared web hosting plans, VPS hosting services, dedicated server web hosting plans, and hybrid servers that combine the best features of virtual and physical environments. Whichever plan you require, you can be confident that your web presence will be consistently online and available, with a 100% network uptime service level agreement (SLA) included as standard.

JaguarPC also offers extensive customer support services, including 24/7/365 assistance, a detailed web hosting knowledgebase, and an active support forum.

For more information on web hosting services from JaguarPC and our web hosting data centers, call 1-888-338-5261 or visit jaguarpc.com.

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