Why Choose a JaguarPC osCommerce Hosting Service? ~ Jaguarpc Why Choose a JaguarPC osCommerce Hosting Service? ~ Jaguarpc

Why Choose a JaguarPC osCommerce Hosting Service?

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Although corporate websites are increasingly designed to include interactive content, community features, articles, videos, and more, the single most-important function that most businesses look for in website hosting is the ability to sell. With online shopping cart and checkout solutions such as osCommerce hosting, you can quickly get your entire product range online, allowing your visitors to order physical products, downloadable products, and services.

Since osCommerce hosting runs on free, open source software, it has become one of the world’s most popular e-commerce solutions. Today, the application has an active community of store owners and developers that exceeds a quarter of a million users, and is offered by a large number of web hosting providers.

However, not every osCommerce hosting plan is the same. Here are a few key features of JaguarPC’s shared web hosting, virtual private server hosting (VPS hosting), and dedicated server hosting solutions that can help you get more from your osCommerce hosting.

How JaguarPC adds value to your osCommerce hosting plan

Even before you begin to look at customization or available add-ons, osCommerce hosting offers a stunning suite of e-commerce features. The core osCommerce hosting platform includes standard online store tools including hierarchical product categories, product listings, customer accounts for purchases, secure payments, and more. osCommerce hosting also brings together a number of additional features designed to engage your visitors, encourage interactivity, and increase your sales. These additional features include community product reviews, multi-currency options, and the ability to add special promotions.

Storing all of this information requires robust and reliable database technology, while processing it requires a fast server-side scripting language. Launching an online store with osCommerce hosting requires PHP 4 and MySQL 3, both open source applications that can be found in most web hosting services. However, the developers of osCommerce recommend using more recent versions – PHP 5 and MySQL 5 – to make your online store faster, more responsive, and more capable of handling large volumes of traffic without becoming slow and sluggish. JaguarPC offers PHP 5 and MySQL 5 as standard on every web hosting service, guaranteeing that your osCommerce hosting solution performs at its full potential.

In addition, JaguarPC osCommerce hosting makes it possible to start taking advantage of these features immediately. Usually, it is necessary to download the free osCommerce application files manually, and install these on your server by following a series of configuration steps. Although this process is fully explained, it can still be time-consuming and can delay the launch of your store. JaguarPC offers osCommerce hosting plans through Softaculous, an automated script installer. By simply navigating to Softaculous within your web hosting control panel, finding osCommerce, and clicking the “install” button, it is possible to get started with your osCommerce hosting in just a few minutes.

Get fast and easy-to-install osCommerce hosting from JaguarPC

Using high-performance servers matched with the latest versions of PHP and MySQL, osCommerce hosting from JaguarPC is consistently responsive, reliable, and able to handle your sales, no matter how rapidly they increase.

JaguarPC offers osCommerce hosting through the Softaculous and Fantastico automated script installers, enabling customers to implement osCommerce on any available web hosting solution. Whether you require a shared web hosting service, VPS hosting plan, hybrid server solution, or dedicated server hosting service, you can enable osCommerce hosting with no complex configuration or manual uploading required.

JaguarPC also provides customers with the support that they need to use their osCommerce hosting effectively. We have developed an extensive collection of video tutorials, including an entire section dedicated to installing, configuring, and using osCommerce hosting. For those times when more specific help is required, customers also have direct access to 24/7/365 customer support.

For more information on JaguarPC osCommerce hosting, call 1-888-338-5261 or visit jaguarpc.com today.

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