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Why Choose Cloud VPS Hosting?

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Cloud VPS Hosting is simply a virtual private server shared by users; the setup is much the same as a shared physical server hosting multiple accounts. Virtual private servers host fewer users than their physical counterparts, and with cloud technology redundancy ensures data access through a seamless process that stores data across an array of physical servers. This redundancy, which is an integral part of cloud virtual private servers, protects against hardware failure or other outages that can affect your access to data.

Cost Flexibility

You only pay for the services you need, and not the services of an entire server. Changes are easy to make, and it’s scalable because the platforms used in this type of hosting are easy to adjust. The simplicity that enables you to adjust on-demand services keeps your costs low because you only use services when you need them. JaguarPC has a slider on our website that shows you how easy it is to adjust the services and cost of the hosting you need from day to day.

Setup and Support

Setup is easier with Cloud VPS than with a physical machine because your setup is customized to your needs, and an easy to use control panel lets you manage your virtual environment and apps as well as monitor its performance. Managed solutions are also available with cloud virtual private servers, and at JaguarPC we suggest a hosting service which will set up and manage your server for you. Support is an important feature, and you should expect an experienced staff to be available around the clock to answer your questions and help you with services.


Fast data access and stability are key features in cloud VPS, and it can support both Windows and Linux. This type of server systems allows for one hundred percent uptime, and security is monitored by certified professionals. Redundancy provides a resilient and robust data system with easy access from anywhere in the world on any type of device. Updates are automatic, and JaguarPC recommends this type of hosting for high traffic websites. Complete solutions are available with powerful and secure hosting, and it’s a cheaper solution than using physical private server. Whether you need private or public hosting, cloud virtual private servers offer you the flexibility and customization you need in a hosting service.

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