Why VPS Hosting is Crucial for Business Site Speed ~ Jaguarpc Why VPS Hosting is Crucial for Business Site Speed ~ Jaguarpc

Why VPS Hosting is Crucial for Business Site Speed

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Why VPS Hosting is Crucial for

Visitors and potential sales will leave your website if it is slow to load.

With every abandonment, you risk losing a customer forever which can be terrifying or small and midsized businesses. 

This is why new small and midsized business owners need high quality hosting to ensure their content is delivered fast and uptime is high.

Linux VPS hosting is an excellent option for growing online businesses that can’t afford to have their site offline.  If you have been using a shared web hosting account and your business has expanded then it may be time to move up to a VPS hosting plan. As your online business grows so does you need for more online resources. VPS web hosting plans can help you accelerate your growth and expand to new markets.

Performance Benefits of VPS

Shared hosting may be hindering your business growth.

Many users share the same server and while shared hosting accounts are good for beginners they can have serious drawbacks as your business grows and you have a greater demand for space and resources. When business and e-commerce owners step up to VPS web hosting plan they can enjoy the benefits of a dedicated node where they have full access to all of the plan’s resources and other user’s activities won’t affect the site performance or uptime which can be the case with shared hosting plans. You will also have your own IP(Internet Protocol) .

This will not only improve you and your visitor’s security but it will also help you enhance your Ecommerce business abilities.

Launch Your VPS Hosting

Once you have signed up for your VPS hosting plan and added on your control panel you will be able to manage your business much better. Better still –managed VPS web hosting is included with your control panel.

Managed VPS web hosting lets you use your hosting account more effectively. Growing online businesses need the advanced security settings and the full resource allocation that Virtual Private Servers allow. Managed web hosting services will give you two hours of administrative support each month which can be a big additional benefit if you need support for updates on scripts and programs. JaguarPC provides exceptional technical support 24/7/365 to help you get the most from your VPS.

Proactive Assistance

JaguarPC delivers a full range of VPS web hosting support services that include continuous provisioning and data center monitoring. If there are issues with a server we know about before you do and take action immediately. Your VPS plan is security hardened when we provision your Quad Core VPS and software updates are automatic. We understand businesses operate on a global time frame and our staff is available by phone, ticketing system, email and live chat to suit your time frames and response time expectations.

If you have noticed that your business website is slow, or you know that you need more resources and space for your expanding online business, then a VPS web hosting plan should be in your future. If you have been thinking about moving your web hosting to a VPS hosting plan then JaguarPC can assist you. We offer free migration assistance and the support you need to move and update your hosting plan from your current provider.

Contact JaguarPC at [email protected] or call 1-888-338-5261 to learn more about how VPS hosting can help you and your business.

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