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Windows Dedicated Server Hosting is Ideal for Companies Wanting to Build Dynamic, Interactive Websites

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The Windows hosting platform has always been popular with corporations and enterprise-level companies. Microsoft has and will continue to dominate with its desktop and server products like Windows OS, IIS web server, Microsoft Exchange messaging platform, MS SQL Server and Access databases, Outlook email client, and others. So why are Microsoft’s products so popular?

One reason for the popularity is Windows server hosting provides seamless integration of corporate websites with all the popular Microsoft products widely used in the corporate environment. In fact, web developers who require compatibility with Microsoft tools like VB Script, C#, and ASP also choose Windows hosting as the only viable solution capable of providing support for these development tools.

Windows dedicated server hosting fully supports ASP.NET and .NET

With the release of new powerful Microsoft technologies like the .NET framework and ASP.NET, the Windows hosting platform has rapidly grown in popularity outside of the corporate and web developer environment. To date, many popular, highly dynamic, and interactive websites have been developed using ASP.NET technology with thousands more being developed every day. Windows dedicated server hosting is indeed, the perfect environment where these powerful, interactive websites can thrive.

A recently published JaguarPC article, Windows Dedicated Server Hosting Combines the Power of Dedicated Hosting with the Latest Microsoft Technologies, explores Windows dedicated server hosting, discusses the reasons Windows dedicated server hosting is the perfect solution for hosting dynamic, interactive websites built with the latest Microsoft technologies, explains how Windows dedicated servers are preferred for larger websites, describes the many uses of Windows dedicated server solutions, and tells you exactly how to get reliable Windows dedicated web hosting solutions from JaguarPC.

Windows dedicated server hosting solutions support the latest Microsoft technologies

Although Windows hosting solutions include shared web hosting and VPS hosting, only Windows dedicated server web hosting provides enough resources to fully demonstrate the capabilities of ASP.NET technology. Some of the largest and most popular websites on the web are powered by Microsoft’s ASP.NET and Windows dedicated server hosting solutions. In order to handle all the traffic and accommodate hundreds of thousands of users, these websites require the power only Windows dedicated servers can provide.

Popular and corporate websites also require maximum reliability and availability to maintain their reputation. JaguarPC understands exactly what popular, enterprise-level websites need to function properly so all our Windows dedicated servers provide top notch reliability and availability for even the most demanding websites.

All JaguarPC Windows dedicated hosting solutions have been custom configured for maximum efficiency, performance, and 100% compatibility with all current Microsoft technologies including:

  • IIS 7.5
  • ASP.NET 4 (with PHP support via FastCGI module)
  • MS SQL Server 2008 R2 and Microsoft Access 2010 databases
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
  • SharePoint 2010
  • Hyper-V virtualization technology
  • And more.

With full root access on your Windows dedicated server, you have the ultimate control and flexibility you need so you can customize your server’s configuration to meet the exact needs of your website. From operating system to third-party scripts, you can install exactly what you need to build a high performance website or web based application.

And in addition to Remote Desktop functionality and third-party control panels like Plesk and cPanel’s Enkompass, JaguarPC also provides you with an exclusive in-house developed client dashboard for easy management of your server. With all the hardware resources and software options that Windows dedicated hosting offers, you basically get all the tools you need to make your web presence a success.

Reliable and secure Windows dedicated servers from JaguarPC for businesses of all sizes

In today’s marketplace, web presence is crucial to the success of your business. Therefore, you need a reliable and secure website that is always available to your visitors and customers. Downtime or lost data translates into lost revenue, a damaged reputation, and reduced productivity. With JaguarPC’s reliable and secure Windows dedicated hosting solutions, specifically configured for businesses of all sizes, your business and organization can prevent downtime and data loss.

JaguarPC Windows dedicated servers reliability is ensured by our 100% network uptime guarantee backed by proactive monitoring and ongoing maintenance of mission critical servers and applications. JaguarPC also takes customers’ data integrity seriously. At JaguarPC, we offer Data LockBox backup services powered by R1Soft Enterprise Continuous Data Protection for fast backups so you can rest assured that your important data is always secure.

JaguarPC offers the perfect solution for Windows dedicated server hosting by including excellent 24/7 support as part of all JaguarPC web hosting plans. Our responsive and knowledgeable support team is always available to provide assistance to you with your dedicated server. JaguarPC thrives on providing the ultimate in Windows dedicated server solutions with top notch performance and connectivity to help your website and your revenue grow.

Get started with JaguarPC Windows dedicated hosting services today or visit for more information.

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