Can You Get Affordable Hosting Without Any Compromises? ~ Jaguarpc Can You Get Affordable Hosting Without Any Compromises? ~ Jaguarpc

Can You Get Affordable Hosting Without Any Compromises?

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Many people associate affordable web hosting with cheap, low-quality hosting services that give up on you when you least expect it. But does affordable web hosting really deserve this negative reputation? Are all low-priced hosting plans unreliable, or is this just a misconception?

At JaguarPC, we like to let our services do the talking. While other hosting providers say, “you can’t have your cake and eat it too,” we firmly believe that good web hosting doesn’t need to cost a fortune, and we price our services accordingly. So, you can have your cake after all.

With prices starting at a low, low price for an unlimited hosting plan, quality, affordable web site hosting is a reality at JaguarPC. Read on to learn how we make it happen and what separates us from the crowd of cheap hosting providers.

Experience – 14 years and counting

Unlike many of the affordable web hosting providers out there, JaguarPC is an established player in the hosting industry. We’ve been an active hosting provider since 1998, which makes us more experienced than most of our competitors.

We have tens of thousands of customers who rely entirely on our services, which range from affordable web site hosting to top-of-the-line dedicated servers. We serve all types of people and businesses, so we deal with a variety of hosting scenarios on a daily basis. As a result, we have the knowhow required to solve problems fast and optimize our hosting environments for superior results.

Unparalleled industry connections

In our 14 years of activity, we’ve created solid business relationships with numerous upstream providers. Our industry connections give us discounted access to technology and services, allowing us to build feature-rich hosting environments with a smaller investment. A high percentage of the savings that we make go directly into your pocket, through the rock-bottom monthly fees that we charge for our affordable web hosting plans.

A good example of technology that we make available to our clients at a discounted price is our R1Soft backup solutions. JaguarPC enjoys a strong, collaborative relationship with R1Soft, an expert provider of continuous backup solutions for the hosting industry. Combined with our high-grade hardware and skilled personnel, the continuous backup technology supplied by our partner lets us offer top-quality backup services for free. The free backups are just one of the many perks that we offer our clients to increase the value of our affordable web site hosting services.

Careful optimization

At JaguarPC, every last bit of resource is utilized to the fullest, allowing us to squeeze more performance out of our infrastructure. The savings that we make in the process translate to smaller hosting fees for our clients.

For instance, our technical experts work hard to fine-tune the performance of our server farm so that we can host more clients without sacrificing the quality of our affordable hosting plans. In contrast, other companies simply rent hosting space from larger providers and sell it to their clients without giving it too much thought. As a result, customers looking for an affordable host receive sub-par services at a price that is unnecessarily high.

Try JaguarPC’s affordable web hosting services risk-free

JaguarPC’s unlimited web hosting plans start at a low monthly fee, with no set-up fees. Whether you are looking for a home for your blog or a quality hosting plan for an online store, JaguarPC can offer you an affordable hosting solution without compromises. At JaguarPC, you get top-notch availability, 24-hour support services (including chat, phone, email, and ticketing), and an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee for all shared hosting clients.

Are you tired of the so-called affordable web hosting solutions that have hidden fees or offer sub-par services? Why not try JaguarPC risk-free to see how a real quality, affordable hosting plan performs?

To learn more about our affordable hosting solutions or to order a plan, visit or call 1-888-338-5261 today.

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