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Choose Industry Leading Administration Tools to Have Full Control over your Managed Linux VPS Hosting Solution

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VPS hosting plans combine affordable pricing with the power and reliability that were once reserved for expensive high-end dedicated servers. VPS hosting is the ideal solution for many categories of users that require performance at entry-level prices including, but not limited to, website owners that have outgrown shared hosting solutions, developers looking to deploy pre-production environments for testing purposes, and resellers that can use their VPS host to offer services to their own customers.

Managed Linux VPS hosting is among the varieties of VPS hosting that provide the best return on investment, by minimizing resource consumption and providing a stable environment that is well suited for multiple purposes. Many providers on the market claim to offer high quality managed Linux VPS hosting services. With similar offers and confusing technical terminology, it can be difficult to select the best managed VPS, especially for less technology-savvy customers.

To help you discern among various offers, we will analyze one key aspect that determines the quality of a managed Linux VPS hosting plan and the all-important total cost of ownership (TCO). The focus of this article is the administration technology used by your provider. We will discuss why it is crucial to opt for a recognized virtualization solution and how you can use virtualization tools and control panels to improve the functionality of your managed Linux VPS hosting account.

Get managed Linux VPS hosting services and a control panel in a single package

Many website owners are reluctant to opt for fully managed VPS web hosting due to the perceived high costs of managed services. While some providers do charge high fees for managing services such as OS installation, software updates, and security hardening, a little research will reveal some great managed VPS hosting offers.

It is important to stay clear from less reputable companies that claim to offer cheap managed services, but charge exorbitant fees for common operations. The fees charged for the managed Linux VPS hosting services is a major component of the cost of the Linux VPS host, so look for a provider with reasonable fees and a clear service level agreement. Also, check the fees for the services that are not included in the base package, such as operating system reinstallation and the hourly cost of on-demand operations.

If you know where to look, you can even find a great bundled offer, such as free managed VPS services when you opt for a control panel. Hosting packages that combine control panels and free managed Linux VPS hosting services are great offers. With a single fee, you get to use a powerful administration tool such as cPanel or Interworx, and receive the assistance of a team of skilled administrators, no matter your requirements or questions. Opting for bundled managed VPS hosting services is a great way to keep the total cost of ownership in check for your Linux managed VPS and to increase the ROI.

Go for the best with industry leading VPS administration tools for your managed VPS host

When it comes to VPS hosting, there are a few aspects that are more important than the virtualization technology used to run and configure the VPS host.

The virtualization technology includes two distinct aspects, the actual virtualization tool used by the provider to create the VPS host (called a hypervisor or monitor) and the administration tool used by clients (VPS guests) to manage the virtual private server. From the customer’s perspective, the administration tool, also known as a control panel, has the most significance. It is important to make the difference between the virtualization control panel (that controls the actual VPS) and the web host control panel, such as cPanel, that is used for hosting-related tasks, like subdomain creation and email management.

Among the leading products used for VPS administration, we can mention SolusVM, Xen Tools, HyperVM, and Virtuozzo Power Panel. The VPS control panel is used to start or reboot virtual private servers, create users, set permissions, and many other tasks.

Some managed VPS service providers charge customers for using the administration tool, a cost that is not very high, but adds up and increases the TCO. Make sure to opt for a reputable Linux VPS hosting service provider that offers a powerful VPS administration tool, such as SolusVM in the base package. Also, it is a good idea to check if the provider can offer you custom solutions on demand. For example, you may prefer the increased capabilities of Virtuozzo Power Panel to the free solution included in the base package, or your employees may be trained in working with HyperVM, but have little experience with other tools.

Choose a reliable control panel for your managed Linux VPS

Another category of administration tools that are crucial for the operation of your managed VPS server is the host control panel. Among the best host control panels available on the market, cPanel stands out as the preferred choice of thousands of web professionals. cPanel covers virtually all aspects of web host administration, from domain provisioning, database installation and maintenance, to email management, anti-spam, script installation, and others. Moreover, cPanel is easy to use and intuitive, meaning that even non-technical users find it easy to accomplish administration tasks.

Besides cPanel, other popular administration tools are Interworx and Direct Admin. Selecting one is largely a matter of personal choice and previous experience. Regardless what host you choose, make sure you find the selection of control panels you can use and at what price. As noted above, you can even get a bargain by looking for promotional offers such as control panel with managed services included for free.

For managed Linux VPS hosting services opt for industry pioneer JaguarPC

An authority in virtual private server hosting, JaguarPC has been offering quality VPS hosting services from the early days of virtualization technology. JaguarPC uses fully owned Supermicro systems with multiple multi-core CPUs, registered ECC RAM, and 8x RAID-10 drive arrays. The latest hardware technology from JaguarPC enables customers to benefit from fully burstable RAM and equal share CPU, for optimal performance even during traffic peaks.

JaguarPC offers customers managed Linux VPS hosting plans that are hard to beat. By opting for a control panel from JaguarPC, customers get free managed services, all for a few dollars per month. Even better, every managed Linux VPS hosting plan comes with the powerful SolusVM VPS administration tool, completely free. Clients can also choose Virtuozzo Power Panel for a small extra fee. No matter your budget and needs, JaguarPC will fulfill your expectations.

To find more about the excellent managed Linux VPS hosting services offered by JaguarPC or to order a managed VPS hosting plan, please call 1-800-659-9585 or visit www.jaguarpc.com.

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