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Discover the Differences between Linux VPS Hosting and Windows VPS Hosting

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While dedicated servers have been the standard for maximizing hosting capabilities, increasing use of virtual private servers (VPS) has made the power and performance of a dedicated server available at a fraction of the cost. A multitude of web hosting services are providing the support and resources necessary for businesses large and small, as well as individuals, to make the conversion from shared web hosting to virtual private servers or from a dedicated server to a VPS hosting plan.

VPS services are available with many different options and price points depending on your specific needs. Before choosing your VPS web hosting service, you need to understand your online needs and determine what resources you will need to fulfill them. Utilizing a hosted VPS service almost removes any need for technical knowledge.

Although you still have a lot of decisions to make in terms of your service – think scale, server power, and storage. Another important consideration – perhaps the most important – is whether to run a Windows-based VPS or a Linux-based VPS. Each type of VPS hosting offers its own advantages, and it is completely up to you to decide which VPS hosting plan offers the best option for your needs in terms of resources and pricing.

Windows VPS servers: The Standard Issue

With Microsoft’s popularity and tremendous market share, Windows applications have become the industry standard. In fact, Microsoft, and especially the Windows operating system and Windows based applications, remains the biggest player in almost every category. Most websites have a Windows-based architecture so it makes sense that Windows VPS hosting services have become popular as well. And, as expected, Windows VPS servers provide the best support for Windows scripts such as ASP and ASP.NET.

Windows VPS servers provide full support for classic ASP as well as ASP.NET web pages, an obvious advantage if your website’s pages were originally built using one of these scripting languages. And thanks to Windows dominating the market, Windows allows for much greater compatibility between Windows VPS servers and other popular web development applications out there such as ColdFusion.

In contrast to Windows VPS servers, Linux VPS servers usually do not support ASP or ASP.NET, though occasionally VPS hosting services will advertise that their Linux servers do support Windows based applications. Unfortunately, even when they do offer such support for Windows based scripts on their Linux servers, they only do so at a cost of reduced functionality. You also may not be able to use Microsoft SQL Server databases or Access databases for the same reason – both are products of Microsoft, and both only offer full access and manipulation on Microsoft Windows VPS hosting servers.

Further, compared to Linux VPS hosting, Windows VPS hosting is considered to be easier to use – the interfaces are graphical rather than command line (although web based control panels like cPanel, a leading web hosting control panel, provides a GUI interface for Linux VPS hosting plans). And since Windows VPS servers typically do not use open-source applications, there is very little opportunity for unauthorized manipulation of your resources. Of course, if you are on a hosted VPS service you probably will not have to worry about managing your VPS hosting server regardless of the operating system as most VPS hosting providers offer managed VPS hosting for customers with less technical experience.

Linux VPS Servers: Economy and Quality

Linux VPS servers provide many advantages over Windows VPS servers – qualities that, for some users, will outweigh the compatibility advantages outlined above. If your website has not been designed yet and there is no existing Windows based architecture in place, a managed Linux VPS server makes more sense than the more expensive Windows VPS server alternative.

Linux VPS hosting does not have the associated software and licensing costs that Windows VPS hosting and Windows based applications typically incur. Linux is open-source and from an initial investment standpoint, Linux is free. Your Linux VPS hosting provider usually does not have to pay for Linux operating system licenses or fees, but they do invest a lot in hardware, infrastructure, power, and other software to support your Linux VPS hosting plans.

As a result, you can get a Linux VPS server for typically much less than you can get a Windows VPS server. So open source, lower prices, and with tons of scripts available at low or no cost, Linux VPS hosting can be a better alternative for small business and personal users.

Linux VPS hosting resources and Windows VPS hosting resources

Linux VPS servers also act like physical servers in that Linux VPS hosting allows for an isolated environment. Your virtual private server can share all the resources of the main server, yet still perform like a standalone server. Windows is an “all or nothing” system and Windows VPS servers require more resources to run. Linux VPS servers, by contrast, will run with less RAM as only basic modules are required to host websites.

So in turn, fewer modules on Linux VPS hosting services require fewer resources compared to Windows VPS hosting services. Additionally, even though a Windows server will support all Windows-based scripts better, Linux handles MySQL databases and PHP based programs perfectly. In fact, with over 20 million Internet domains using PHP and MySQL to power their websites, Linux VPS hosting most likely provides all the compatibility your new website or web based application will need.

If you are building your website or web based application from scratch, you may want to choose Linux VPS hosting as a Linux VPS server will do almost everything you need a VPS hosting plan to do while providing an increased level of flexibility – thanks to open-source software – that Windows, with its proprietary consumer model, simply cannot match. But if you prefer Windows based applications and your budget allows for additional software licensing, Windows VPS hosting is still a great option to choose for your website and web based applications.

Choosing your Linux VPS hosting and Windows VPS hosting provider

Windows VPS hosting and Linux VPS hosting appeal to different types of customers, depending on their specific needs, server requirements, budget, and overall goals. Regardless of which VPS hosting platform you choose, keep in mind that selecting a great VPS hosting service will help you maximize the resources available to you.

A good VPS hosting provider will go over all the options you get with their Linux VPS hosting plans and Windows VPS hosting plans to help you determine the best package for your situation.  Above all, do not hesitate to ask your prospective VPS hosting provider questions. Ask as many questions as you need to make the right choice. And remember, part of your monthly fee includes their advice and support, so ask for support and use it to your advantage.

Linux VPS hosting and Windows VPS hosting services from JaguarPC

JaguarPC is a leading VPS hosting company and provides VPS hosting services with multiple Linux VPS hosting plans and Windows VPS hosting plans you can choose from based on your specific needs. Plus you get root access with all JaguarPC virtual private servers and access to the latest industry-leading software, hardware, and support from a team of VPS hosting experts 24x7x365.

JaguarPC also provides fully managed VPS hosting plans so you can concentrate on your business or personal website and applications without having to worry about maintaining your VPS server. A managed Linux VPS server or managed Windows VPS server can help you maximize your hosting experience.

To find out more about how JaguarPC Linux VPS hosting services and Windows VPS hosting services can help your business or personal website improve performance, visit JaguarPC VPS Hosting today.

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