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Don’t Take Any Chances and Host your Data on a Secure Windows Dedicated Server

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How safe is your data? As high-profile hacking incidents make the headlines, it is increasingly obvious that no individual or organization is safe from the attacks of cyber criminals. From huge multinational corporations to national governments, hundreds of websites have fallen victim to intrusions, data thefts, and denial of service attacks, often with serious consequences for the users and owners of the compromised sites.

So how can you make sure that your website or web application is protected against malicious activities? There are a number of things to consider, but one of the most important aspects that influence the security of a site is the web server used to host it. As described in the latest article published by JaguarPC, Store Your Data in the Safest Environment with a Windows Dedicated Hosting Solution, Windows dedicated hosts offer some of the best protection against data corruption, no matter if the corruption is the result of an accident, a software bug, or a hacking attempt. The article also shows why it is vital to use modern servers, fitted with redundant power systems and adequate security. Finally, the article highlights the importance of backup systems, as a means of protecting and recovering data.

JaguarPC offers state-of-the-art hardened Windows dedicated web servers

The Windows dedicated web hosting plans offered by JaguarPC are powered by the latest generation of SuperMicro web servers, known throughout the hosting industry for their reliability and performance. All the Windows dedicated servers operated by JaguarPC are fully owned by the company, and located in one of its six data centers (five of the data centers are located within the US, while the sixth is located in the UK, to provide improved accessibility for international users).

JaguarPC maintains onsite teams of expert technicians who can act quickly and efficiently in case of emergency. In the event of a technical malfunction, the tech teams have spare equipment in stock at each location, minimizing downtime. All the machines that power the Windows dedicated hosting plans offered by JaguarPC are powered by dual underground feeds with dual transformers. For maximum safety, the data centers are equipped with generators that can keep the servers running until the main power lines are restored.

JaguarPC gives security the importance it deserves. When you sign up for Windows dedicated web hosting with JaguarPC, you get free initial setup for the server, and free security hardening for the Windows dedicated server. Windows Server is one of the most secure operating systems, with great support and regular security updates that shield your website even from the newest malware. It is no wonder that so many professionals prefer Windows dedicated hosting plans to any other hosting solution.

Rent a cutting edge Windows dedicated web server at prices you can afford

When it comes to secure hosting, you cannot get a better solution than Windows dedicated web hosting. JaguarPC has made a name for itself in the hosting industry by offering the very best hosting solutions, including cutting edge Windows dedicated hosting services. You too can join JaguarPC’s thousands of satisfied customers and enjoy the benefits of using a Windows dedicated server including security, performance, reliability, and much more.

JaguarPC offers free setup and free hardening for every Windows dedicated server, ensuring that you get a secure hosting environment from day one. You also get a 100% network guarantee, unlimited inbound transfer, and daily backups to protect your data. If you encounter any problems, JaguarPC’s award-winning support team is ready to help you.

To learn more about JaguarPC’s Windows dedicated web hosting solutions, visit or call 1-800-659-9585.

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