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Store Your Data in the Safest Environment with a Windows Dedicated Hosting Solution

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Windows dedicated servers are the solution of choice for countless professionals that look for a stable hosting environment capable of handling large amounts of traffic. As a high-end hosting environment, Windows dedicated web hosting is used by prominent organizations, from Fortune 500 corporations, to Internet startups and public organizations. One of the features that make Windows dedicated hosting so popular with various organizations is the high level of security and data integrity provided by Windows-powered dedicated servers.

In industries such as financial services and healthcare, it is vital to ensure that customer data stays secure under any condition. Many companies in data-sensitive sectors are willing to make substantial investments in secure, continuously protected Windows dedicated servers. Nevertheless, every company should pay attention to the security of their web servers regardless of industry.

Windows dedicated hosting is the best solution for building secure environments. In the following article, we review the characteristics that make Windows dedicated server ideal for hosting sensitive information. We also look at which backup solutions should be implemented to ensure that data is protected from disasters, attacks, and corruption.

Invest in a state-of-the-art Windows web server to ensure data protection and uninterrupted availability

The first thing to consider when selecting a secure Windows dedicated hosting service is the hardware infrastructure that is the foundation of the solution. Some providers offer outdated configurations that lack the resources needed to deal with traffic spikes, intensive data processing, and outside intrusion attempts. To make sure that your website runs in good condition, opt for a modern architecture with plenty of RAM and processing power.

Having a powerful infrastructure makes sense in terms of performance, but it also helps fend off external attacks. It is well known that denial of service (DoS) attacks can take down entire servers by flooding the machines with a high number of requests in a matter of seconds or minutes. The server tries to answer each query, leading to a spike in processing load that can destabilize the system. One simple defense against this type of attack is to use the latest generation of Windows dedicated servers, equipped with large RAM modules and multi-core server processors, like the Xeon line from Intel. A powerful server is more difficult to flood and is thus more likely to resist attacks from hackers.

Another aspect that greatly influences the stability and security of a dedicated web server is the operating system used to run it. There are many server operating systems available, with the two main options being Windows Server from Microsoft and the Linux family, including CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and other distributions.

Windows dedicated servers are well known for their stability and flexibility, offering full compatibility with the suite of web technologies offered by Microsoft, which includes the ASP.NET framework, MS SQL Server, and other tools. Windows Server receives regular security updates, and it is one of the most widely used operating systems in the enterprise server sector. The great support, enhanced security features, and compatibility with the most popular web technologies make Windows Server the first option for enterprise servers.

Only trust your data to a Windows dedicated hosting solution that ensures round the clock performance

Hosting your website or web application on a powerful Windows dedicated server is essential if you want to ensure maximum stability and security. However, without a proper support and monitoring infrastructure that complements the dedicated web server, you are permanently exposed to the risk of losing precious data. The support infrastructure includes main and auxiliary power supplies, generators for emergency situations, security systems, a connection to a backbone Internet connection, and a 24-hour monitoring and control system.

It is very important to make sure that your Windows dedicated web server functions in a secure data center that is prepared for any type of emergency. A quality data center should be fitted with redundant backup power supplies that kick in when the main power supply is interrupted. High capacity uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) should be connected to the dedicated server, for situations when the external power is cut off.

Your Windows dedicated hosting service provider should protect your data from all threats, including physical tampering with the hosting infrastructure. Opt for a provider that is serious about the security of its facilities.

Always protect your Windows dedicated server with a comprehensive backup system

No matter how powerful your Windows dedicated hosting plan, you will eventually find yourself in a situation when a restore from backup is the only solution. There are many reasons that can cause permanent data loss, from technical failures to software bugs and even fraud attempts. In these situations, the backup system is the last line of defense.

Depending on your needs, you can opt for a system that backs up your data daily, hourly or continuously. Daily backups are a good option for the websites that are not updated frequently, such as corporate sites or portfolio pages. If you own a web application or website with dynamic content that changes frequently, you should look for a system with smaller backup intervals or a continuous backup system.

Continuous backup works by creating a mirror of the data stored on the Windows dedicated server. Each time data is modified, the backup system looks for the differences between the new version and the previous version and records them on the backup server. This technique, called delta backup, lets users restore their systems to any point, and is ideal for the environments where data safety is essential.

JaguarPC offers powerful Windows dedicated hosting plans designed for performance and security

The feature-packed Windows dedicated web hosting plans from JaguarPC combine state-of-the-art servers with industry leading software solutions, designed from the ground up for reliability and security. JaguarPC guarantees a 100% network uptime, backed by a nationwide network of high-performance data centers, with no single point of failure. All dedicated servers are located in secure data centers fitted with backup power supplies and generators that can keep the servers running in case of emergency.

The Windows dedicated hosting solutions provided by JaguarPC include daily backups and, optionally, the DataLockBox continuous data protection system that uses the innovative R1Soft backup technology. With numerous industry awards received over the years, JaguarPC’s team of expert professionals is prepared at all times to help you solve your hosting problems.

Visit or call 1-800-659-9585 to learn more about how you can store your data safely on JaguarPC’s Windows dedicated servers.

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