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Find the Managed Linux VPS Hosting Plan That Answers your Needs

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At a time when managers need to balance technical requirements with budget limitations, managed Linux VPS hosting has emerged as one of the most popular hosting solutions. A Linux managed VPS (virtual private server) provides performances that are on par with dedicated servers, while keeping the costs at a reasonable level. Many web professionals know and appreciate the power and flexibility delivered by managed VPS hosting, a solution that enables customers to focus on their core business, and leave the day-to-day hassles of server administration to a seasoned professional.

By choosing a managed Linux VPS hosting service from JaguarPC, you get more than a powerful virtual server and you gain access to the wealth of knowledge from a talented team of web hosting professionals. As one of the first providers of managed Linux VPS hosting solutions, JaguarPC has created longtime partnerships with key players in the hosting industry, which enables the company to deliver quality VPS hosting services at reasonable prices. However, not all customers have the same needs so JaguarPC has created several managed Linux VPS hosting plans to meet the needs and budget of every customer.

Services you get by signing up for a managed Linux VPS hosting plan from JaguarPC

No matter what requirements you have or the funds you have to invest in your VPS host, JaguarPC provides a package of comprehensive managed Linux VPS hosting services for your complete satisfaction.

For example, all managed VPS hosting plans from JaguarPC come with an industry-leading control panel application that gives customers full control over the configuration and administration of the VPS host. All clients use the SolousVM administration tool at no extra charge, or go for the powerful Virtuozzo control panel, for just a few dollars. Also included in the base package, the first OS installation is free and you can opt from several enterprise-grade Linux flavors, including the popular CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu.

JaguarPC’s administrators will work with you and help you decide which operating system is right for you. If you ever need to reinstall the OS, the managed LinuxVPS hosting solutions from JaguarPC gives you access to the services of a seasoned professional for a small charge. The tech team will also pre-install important software such as PHP, Apache, or ProFTP, which help you make the most out of the managed LinuxVPS. The updates for pre-installed applications are free and are made regularly by JaguarPC’s administrators.

Check out JaguarPC’s lineup of managed Linux VPS hosting solutions

Unlike some competitors, JaguarPC does not offer the same run of the mill solution for every customer. Instead, the managed VPS hosting plans from JaguarPC cover a range of budgets and requirements, allowing clients to get the right VPS hosting solution for the right price.

At an extremely affordable price per month, the Linux VPS Plus plan is a real bargain for those who look for affordable managed VPS hosting plans. Additionally, the Plus plan delivers the performance required by most private users and small businesses. Next in the lineup, the Linux VPS Pro is a great choice for customers who need an all-around solid Linux managed VPS, while keeping expenses in check.

The high end of JaguarPC’s line of VPS hosting plans is composed of the Business and Enterprise plans, aimed at businesses that need capabilities that are usually only available with expensive dedicated solutions.

Improve your online presence with the managed Linux VPS hosting solutions from JaguarPC

As one of the most established providers of quality managed VPS services, JaguarPC has more than 13 years of experience in web hosting. All managed VPS web hosting plans offered by Jag combine non-oversold, solid hardware infrastructure with the unparalleled expertise of a team of highly trained technicians.

The combined experience of JaguarPC’s techs amounts to decades of knowledge in everything related to web hosting. In fact, if you were to hire a dedicated administrator with the same level of technical expertise, you would need to spend thousands of dollars every month. Why not let JaguarPC handle your managed VPS server at a fraction of that price?

To find more about JaguarPC’s managed Linux VPS hosting services or to order a Linux managed VPS, call 1-800-659-9585 or visit today.

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