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Give your Business the Power of Dedicated Servers and the Cost Effectiveness of Shared Hosting with Virtual Private Server Hosting

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A preferred choice for webmasters and businesses of all sizes, virtual private server hosting provides a reliable, high-performance hosting environment capable of accommodating large amounts of web traffic and high volumes of content. Virtual private server hosting is an ideal solution for growing websites and businesses as it offers the control, scalability, and resources essential for the needs of expanding businesses. Virtual private servers give users independence from other hosting accounts on the same server, allowing you to enjoy the performance and flexibility of dedicated web hosting at a shared hosting price point.

If you have outgrown a traditional shared hosting plan and require a cost-effective hosting solution that can grow with your business, then virtual private server web hosting may be the best alternative for you. In this article we will look at virtual private server hosting in more detail and explain why you may want to use virtual private server hosting, how you can benefit from virtual private server hosting, and when you should opt for virtual private server hosting.

Why use virtual private server hosting?


Virtual private server hosting or VPS hosting, is the next generation of web hosting that uses virtualization technologies in order to partition a single physical machine into multiple virtual servers. When virtualization is used, it is possible to deploy five, ten, or more servers on the same machine with each segment acting as an independent virtual dedicated server. The unique aspect is that each server runs its own operating system, has restricted access to its memory, disk space, and bandwidth, and can be independently rebooted without interference with other accounts on the same server.

With virtual private server hosting you are guaranteed better performance and stability. The resource usage and activities of other users on the server will not affect your website’s performance in any way. As such, you can expect an uninterrupted operation, knowing that your website is up and running all the time. Moreover, with virtual private server hosting, you and your website visitors will be able to enjoy faster load times. Since you have the allocation of your own dedicated resources, your web pages will load much faster for the users.

Virtual private server web hosting gives you the freedom to choose the operating system and the software you want to run on your server. VPS hosting solutions support a wide array of operating systems. Redhat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora Core, and SUSE as well as Windows OS are just a few of the operating systems supported by virtual private servers. With virtual private server hosting you can choose the operating system and control panel according to your preference.

Virtual private servers can be a great addition to any website and business. With guaranteed system resources and advanced features such as SSH access, unique IP addresses, custom firewalls, and other features associated with dedicated hosting, virtual private server hosting provides a reliable and affordable solution any business can enjoy.

How can you benefit from virtual private server hosting?

Virtual private servers offer many benefits to businesses and individuals. And virtual private server hosting gives you control, performance, and abundant system resources, just like dedicated web hosting. With virtual private server hosting you are provided with a robust and scalable hosting solution that gives your business room to grow. Below are some more specific details on how your website and online business can benefit from virtual private server hosting.

Great value. A virtual private server hosting service gives you great value for your money. With dedicated server hosting you can end up paying well over $100 per month, while the price of a virtual private server hosting plan is in the same range as shared hosting plans, which is about $20 per month. The cost of hardware, system maintenance, and network connectivity in a VPS hosting arrangement is split between all users, making it a much more affordable solution than dedicated server hosting.

Increased flexibility. Virtual private server hosting comes with all the control and flexibility you need. Most VPS hosting providers give you the option of utilizing a variety of add-on scripts or installing your own custom software applications. This is made possible with root access that gives you full control and freedom to tweak and configure your server.

Enhanced security. A virtual private server is able to ensure far better physical security than what is offered on a shared hosting platform. Due to the fact that the VPS server runs in its own isolated environment, you are protected against all virtual threats and security issues originated by other websites on the server.

High availability. Virtual private server hosting accounts are much less likely to have problems with hackers, phishing schemes, malicious software, and DDoS attacks. Additionally, you have control over your entire hosting environment including maintenance windows, mail filters, incoming connection blocking, and more that can increase the availability of your website.

There are more benefits of virtual private server hosting than what’s listed above due to individual configuration possibilities. A virtual private hosting solution can be used to run everything from scripting software and multimedia technologies to database servers and your own operating system. Virtual private server hosting is a great and inexpensive way to get the value, resources, flexibility, and security of a more costly dedicated server hosting solution.

When should you opt for a powerful virtual private server hosting solution?

There are a few signs that indicate it is time to move to a virtual private server hosting plan. Once your website starts to grow and your visitor volumes increase, it becomes essential to switch to a more powerful and reliable hosting solution and this is precisely when the need for virtual private server hosting arises. When the performance of your current shared hosting plan can no longer satisfy your needs and slow response times are impacting your visitors and customers experiences, it might be time to upgrade to a VPS hosting plan.

If shared hosting is no longer an option and dedicated server hosting is out of your financial reach, virtual private server hosting can be the perfect alternative for you. And even though virtualization will cost you a little more than the traditional shared hosting plan, the dedicated server-like performance, control, and guaranteed resources that come with virtual private server hosting are well worth the extra cost.

Add value to your business with powerful virtual private server hosting plans from JaguarPC

JaguarPC offers highly scalable and powerful virtual private server hosting solutions with the control, flexibility, and resources offered by dedicated servers but without the high cost. All virtual private servers at JaguarPC are packed with advanced features to enhance your web hosting experience. Topped by JaguarPC’s responsive and knowledgeable staff, your VPS hosted environment will always be complete.

JaguarPC provides a variety of virtual private server hosting plans to fit the needs of any business and website. Our high-quality VPS hosting plans are extremely affordable and give you the ability to choose from a wide range of operating systems and VPS control panels.

Start experiencing the benefits of virtual private server hosting by ordering a virtual private server hosting plan from JaguarPC today!

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