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Give your Growing Reseller Hosting Business More Power, Performance, and Guaranteed Resources with VPS Reseller Hosting

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Once your reseller hosting business starts to expand, you may notice that the resource allocation of a standard shared web hosting package is not enough to handle the resource usage of your hosting reseller accounts. In order to effectively manage all the elements of your reseller web hosting business, you need a more powerful hosting platform with guaranteed resources and better performance, security, and reliability.VPS reseller web hosting can be just the solution your growing reseller hosting business needs.

VPS reseller hosting packages are for hosting resellers who want to utilize the power, performance, and independent resources of a dedicated server while at the same time get the cost-effective benefit of shared web hosting with much more advanced features. This article outlines the concept of VPS reseller hosting for web hosting resellers and provides information on how resellers can benefit from VPS reseller hosting solutions and why VPS reseller hosting with cPanel is considered to be one of the best reseller hosting options.

Defining VPS reseller hosting


VPS reseller hosting gives resellers the ability to utilize powerful VPS servers they can in turn provide to their own clients as turnkey hosting solutions. With a VPS reseller hosting solution, you rent or purchase your own virtual private server and then resell server space to third party websites and hosting customers. Additionally, VPS reseller web hosting allows you to create your own hosting packages with your own prices and features and host unlimited domains under one account.

A VPS reseller plan divides a single physical server into isolated containers, all with their own root access. This means your server performance will not be affected by other customers, nor will your speed be decreased as your account will remain completely isolated from all actions and users on the VPS server. As a VPS reseller host you get full root access to your VPS reseller account so you can manage all aspects of your account through an easy-to-use cPanel/WHM reseller control panel. With full root access, you can install your own applications and modify server configuration and system software to best suit the needs of your customers.

A VPS reseller hosting plan is a great option for resellers since it provides you with a dedicated server-like environment with guaranteed server resources such as CPU, disk space, and RAM. Most VPS hosting providers offer customized reseller hosting packages which means upgrading to a more powerful VPS reseller package is an easy process. As your hosting reseller business continues to grow, you can upgrade to a more powerful VPS plan and get access to more resources you need to grow your reseller hosting business.

How VPS reseller web hosting can benefit you and your clients

VPS reseller web hosting is an ideal solution to suit your reselling needs as well as your clients’ web requirements. With a VPS reseller hosting plan you will be able to offer your clients dedicated web hosting in a closed environment, although within the context of a shared physical hosting node. Since each VPS continues to be a virtual part of a physical server which is divided into numerous virtual private servers, each VPS works almost like a dedicated server. This means your customers can benefit by having their own dedicated hard-disk space, RAM, and CPU.

The dedicated hosting environment offered by a VPS also allows you to provide your clients with better uptime and a higher level of reliability and security. As a VPS reseller web host you will have the ability to install the third-party components and security applications necessary to create an appropriate hosting environment with an enhanced security level to ensure the most reliable and secure hosting experience for your clients. With increased uptime, reliability, and security you will be able to create a high level of customer satisfaction and make your VPS reseller hosting offerings more appealing to prospective clients.

Another beneficial aspect of VPS reseller hosting is that VPS reseller hosting is an affordable hosting solution. An upgrade from a shared reseller plan to a VPS or the initial start of a reseller business on a VPS platform is an inexpensive option. As a result, you as a hosting reseller, can benefit from a cost-effective web hosting solution while your customers can enjoy a powerful, secure, and reliable hosting environment with ideal pricing.


Why so many hosting resellers choose VPS reseller hosting with cPanel

VPS reseller hosting with cPanel is one of the best options available in the reseller hosting market today. Designed for resellers that require powerful management features and advanced automation tools, cPanel VPS reseller hosting enables you to execute the day-to-day administrative tasks faster and more efficiently. cPanel allows simple administration over your VPS, while offering you a powerful web based interface to control every aspect of your VPS reseller hosting account. cPanel VPS reseller hosting provides a cost-effective way to get the resources required to power larger websites, forums, streaming media, and download-sites.

Extremely popular among the majority of VPS resellers, cPanel VPS reseller web hosting plans bundle fully-featured Linux servers with the industry-leading cPanel/WHM control panel, which minimizes the complexity of managing your VPS server. cPanel also allows you to expand across multiple cPanel VPS servers while retaining a single entry management interface. cPanel VPS reseller hosting offers the ultimate reseller hosting platform with dozens of powerful features and resources to help you with every aspect of your VPS account.

Upgrade your reseller business to a more powerful and reliable VPS reseller hosting plan from JaguarPC

JaguarPC’s VPS reseller hosting solutions allow you to seamlessly upgrade from a shared reseller web hosting package to a powerful virtual private server so you can give your reseller hosting business the ultimate power, control, and flexibility. At JaguarPC, you get a VPS server with full root access, powerful features and dedicated resources, all for an affordable price.

A VPS reseller hosting plan from JaguarPC also gives you complete control over your isolated VPS account and software, allowing you to create a hosting environment that you think is best suited for your customers. Additionally, JaguarPC provides reseller hosting with cPanel in every plan, which gives you complete freedom to customize your VPS server and tweak it as you see fit.

A VPS reseller hosting plan from JaguarPC is all you need in order to give your growing reseller hosting business more power and guaranteed resources and better performance, security, and reliability. Order a VPS reseller hosting plan from JaguarPC today or view JaguarPC’s unlimited reseller hosting plans by visiting

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