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How a Cloud VPS Can Change the Way You Do Business

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Freedom. It’s what we’re all after in one way or another in different aspects of our lives. We don’t want to be tied down to anything and we want to be able to do things the way we want to do them. This philosophy can extend into the way you conduct your business, as well. Now, more than ever, people want to be able to work on their terms. If you’ve ever fantasized about being able to work from anywhere at anytime (and you do something in the digital world), it turns out your hosting company, of all things, could hold the key to providing you with a bit more independence through the use of a Cloud VPS.


Virtual private servers are quite a versatile tool despite the majority of business owners or independent contractors who seek them out only using a fraction of their capabilities. You’ve no doubt heard of using a VPS when it comes to hosting a website. There’s a good reason for their widespread popularity in that regard. They are possibly the best hosting solution for most use cases due to their speed, performance, and reliability. But a VPS can offer much more beyond being a place where you can keep your website. Let’s look at some outside the box uses for a Cloud VPS.


Remote Desktop Environment


A Cloud VPS can provide you with a virtual environment that you can remotely access through a variety of methods. This is a good opportunity to point out you can choose from a variety of Cloud VPS plans. While hosting a website may not require too many resources, running a desktop environment robust enough to actually do work in will. But, don’t worry. You don’t necessarily need to match the horsepower of your home computer. You can do quite a bit with a lot less. You may find you can get away with a dual core machine with 4 gb of RAM.


What this means is you can work from anywhere. You aren’t tethered to a desk all day. In fact, with a little creativity you may not even have to lug around a laptop. With the right software, you could conduct your business via your remote desktop from a tablet or even your smartphone (though screen size would most likely be an issue when it comes to your phone). A tablet with a remote desktop app installed or any device with software that offers SSH access can you get you connected and working in no time.


Specialty Software


Sometimes the work you want to do could be extremely burdensome for your home computer and network. Maybe you want to run software that compiles raw data in real time or you’re developing your own version of a website crawler that needs to run for extended periods of time with an internet connection. There are special instances where it will make sense to not execute these tasks on a personal machine. It takes quite a bit of activity, but internet service providers have been known to crack down on data hogs. Just know that your hosting company will have limits as well. If you’re planning on running intensive software on your Cloud VPS, be sure you know the terms and conditions as well as the resources you’re paying for every month. You can quickly hit your limit.




There is also a security benefit to operating in the cloud. There are inherent risks to only saving your data locally, especially if you’re working on the road. Your hard drives and USB sticks can easily be lost or damaged. If you’re not practicing the proper security methods, such as using encryption, losing your physical media can be very damaging. For example, if you’re storing customer information on a drive, you could be opening up a lot of private information to the world. Even though your business may not be the size of, say, Target, that kind of information leak could put the future of your business in jeopardy. Keeping data in the cloud makes sure your work is decentralized and adds extra layers of security to your operation.




A Cloud VPS is a versatile tool that when used to its greatest potential can redefine the way you approach your work. Whether you’re looking for a fast, reliable website to run a business from, a virtual environment to test software in, or a remote desktop to access from anywhere at anytime from nearly any device, a Cloud VPS can help you accomplish this for a great monthly price. If you’re looking to utilize a Cloud VPS hosting plan for your next project, contact the team at JaguarPC today. We’ll get you set up with the plan to meet your needs.

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