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Improve Your VPS Hosting Security with Additional IP Addresses

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Particularly for small businesses upgrading from a shared web hosting plan to virtual private server hosting (VPS hosting), it can be difficult to imagine why you might require more than one IP address. After all, most VPS hosting services come complete with powerful control panel software that can effectively run multiple websites on your server, without the need for dedicated IP addresses. However, there are some specific instances when it may be beneficial to invest in additional IP addresses for your VPS hosting service. Usually, the need for additional IP addresses arises as VPS hosting users attempt to maximize the security of their service. Let’s look at a few reasons you might decide that you require extra IP addresses for your VPS hosting plan.

How VPS hosting users can benefit from additional IP addresses

An IP address is a unique number that refers to a specific device that is connected to the Internet. From dedicated servers to routers, every piece of equipment needed to run a web hosting service requires a unique IP address in order to be connectable. The same is true of the virtualized servers used for VPS hosting services. With a VPS hosting service, a web address or domain name points to a specific IP address that describes the location of your VPS hosting server. As mentioned above, it is possible to establish many different websites, each with their own domain name, using only one dedicated IP address. This does, however, impose some limitations on the potential security profile of your VPS hosting websites. One important tool in website security is an SSL certificate, which verifies your identity to your visitors. The most respected type of SSL certificate is a dedicated SSL certificate, used only for your website. Most dedicated SSL certificates can only function on websites that have their own IP address, meaning that to launch multiple stores with their own SSL certificate, you will require multiple IP addresses for your VPS hosting account. Additional IP addresses can also be used to create divisions between different applications and services you run on your VPS hosting plan. Although this does not improve performance or create redundancy since each IP address resolves to the same virtual private server, there are two distinct security benefits to using IPs in this way. First, on each IP address, you are only able to open the specific ports required for the applications in question, eliminating ports that could potentially be breached by malicious attack. Second, this approach allows you to use one IP address for public-facing software and another for internal applications or SSH access. This would make it more difficult for attackers to identify the main IP address that you use for system-level administration on your VPS hosting services.

VPS hosting services with additional IP addresses from JaguarPC

JaguarPC is an experienced VPS hosting provider offering competitive VPS hosting plans with a range of VPS add-ons, enabling you to design the VPS hosting solution that best suits your business. JaguarPC currently provides both Windows VPS hosting and Linux VPS hosting services across a variety of packages to suit the size of your business, your expected traffic, and the system resources you require. These plans all feature generous allocations of RAM, disk space, and bandwidth, as well as burst RAM to protect your VPS hosting performance during traffic spikes. Every JaguarPC VPS hosting plan can also be adjusted to meet your unique goals, with a range of VPS add-ons that includes additional IP addresses, additional bandwidth, and SSL certificates. Customers can also benefit from free, managed VPS hosting features to ease the burden of administration, along with 24/7/365 technical support and a 100% network uptime guarantee. For more information on VPS hosting services from JaguarPC, call 1-888-338-5261 or visit today.

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