Improving Your Bottom Line with cPanel Hosting for Business ~ Jaguarpc Improving Your Bottom Line with cPanel Hosting for Business ~ Jaguarpc

Improving Your Bottom Line with cPanel Hosting for Business

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As a small business owner, you are expected to make strategic decisions almost every day. And sometimes, seemingly minor decisions can have major consequences.

Your choice of web hosting service is a typical example of a decision that can leave a surprisingly deep footprint on your business. In this article, we discuss cPanel, the Linux-based web hosting control panel used by millions of web masters worldwide. Can cPanel really influence the evolution of a small business? Will opting for a cPanel hosting solution improve your bottom line? What should you know about cPanel as a business owner?

Read on to learn the answers to these questions. Discover how choosing a cPanel host can have a substantial and positive effect on your ability to create revenue and the specific reasons cPanel hosting should be a priority for you.

What should you know, as a business owner, about cPanel hosting?

cPanel is a control panel application; in other words, it is a type of software that lets you easily tweak and tune your hosting environment. cPanel runs atop of the Linux operating system (OS), so if you want to benefit from it, make sure you are using a Linux OS. The control panel provides a graphical interface for most operations related to administering a website, from creating a new domain to installing applications and copying files.

cPanel hosting is any form of hosting that provides access to cPanel. In other words, no matter whether you get a cheap, shared cPanel web hosting plan, or you invest in a high-grade, dedicated cPanel hosting solution, you will be able to administer your host in the same way, using cPanel.

Whichever type of hosting service you choose, you might be able to go without cPanel, provided you have enough time and technical skills to master the notoriously complex Linux command-line interface. But choosing not to use a cPanel host would be like buying a car without a dashboard. Yes, you could drive it around town, but you wouldn’t be able to easily check your speed or how much gas you have left, and you would probably have no idea how to turn on the windshield wipers.

The costs of cPanel

As a business owner, you naturally care about the cost and return of cPanel.

cPanel Inc., the company that develops the application, licenses cPanel to web hosting providers and allows them to install it on a specific number of accounts. So, when you get a cPanel hosting solution, you also buy the right to use cPanel. There is a catch here – cPanel licensing for shared hosting (high-volume licensing) costs less than it does for a virtual private server (VPS) or a dedicated server.

As a result, you can easily find cPanel shared hosting plans that cost less per month than the price of a gourmet cup of coffee. At the same time (and at the same provider), using cPanel on a VPS will cost you at least a couple dollars more per month than the shared hosting plan (not including the cost of the hosting plan itself). If you want to run cPanel on a dedicated Linux server, the fees are significantly higher.

In some cases, cPanel may seem expensive, but considering its benefits (outlined in the next section), the costs are entirely justifiable. Plus, some cPanel hosting service providers offer cPanel packages that include managed services. With these bundles, you get a powerful administration solution and the assistance of a professional for tasks like updating server software or patching the operating system.

The return: How cPanel helps your business

Small businesses are often short on resources, both financial and human. As a result, relatively few SMBs have IT departments or even a dedicated IT person on staff. Usually, a tech-savvy employee becomes the impromptu office PC technician, web master, programmer, or network administrator whenever the situation calls for it. In other cases, SMBs outsource these tasks to specialized companies, which, at best, is an expensive and inflexible solution.

When it comes to running websites, cPanel hosting eliminates the necessity to hire a dedicated web master or to sign an outsourcing contract with a third party. cPanel enables even non-technical persons to complete common jobs such as creating subdomains, installing third-party scripts (blogs, forums, ecommerce, wikis, CMSs, etc.), setting up email accounts, or configuring an anti-spam solution. Without a cPanel web hosting service, these tasks are much more difficult and can even prove inaccessible for many people.

cPanel web hosting solutions let you run your company’s online properties at a professional level, without spending big bucks on the services of a professional. You or one of your employees can easily solve most common problems related to your website, without having to waste precious time going through the support channels. Even if you can’t solve all of your problems yourself, having cPanel available makes it easier for professionals to configure your hosting account, saving you time and money. When drawing the bottom line, it’s obvious that cPanel is good for your website and for your bank account. At the same time, cPanel hosting solutions are more flexible, easier to run, and more powerful than barebones solutions, meaning that you get more value for your money.

By empowering your business and your employees, cPanel contributes to your ability to create revenue, both in a passive manner – by creating real savings – and in an active manner – by enabling you to do more with the resources at your disposal.

Check out JaguarPC’s wide range of cPanel hosting solutions

A recognized leader in quality web hosting, JaguarPC provides hosting services to thousands of satisfied customers. From affordable, shared hosting plans to cutting-edge, dedicated machines, JaguarPC boasts a full range of hosting solutions, most of which are available with cPanel. All shared hosting solutions come with cPanel Pro in the base package, and the popular control panel is available as an add-on to our VPS and dedicated plans.

If you’re looking for quality, non-oversold cPanel hosting services at a reasonable price, look no further than JaguarPC. Highlights of our cPanel web hosting services include high availability, an unconditional, 30-day money-back warranty, 24/7 support services, state-of-the-art data centers, and multiple configuration options.

Learn more about our cPanel web hosting solutions or order your own plan today by visiting or calling 1-888-338-5261.

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