Is Your Web Host Really Running Your Web Hosting Plan? ~ Jaguarpc Is Your Web Host Really Running Your Web Hosting Plan? ~ Jaguarpc

Is Your Web Host Really Running Your Web Hosting Plan?

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Choosing a web hosting provider is a difficult process, in part, because the hosting industry is so vast. Every hosting provider will claim to offer the world, with the best hardware, the best configuration, and the best support. What’s more, just as every host is different, so is every customer. That is why you will find budget hosting solutions alongside more expensive alternatives.

Once you have done your best to evaluate each hosting provider, there is no getting around the leap of faith involved with signing a contract. Even with extensive research, the only way to really know a web hosting provider is to place your order. Unfortunately, some customers later find that their hosting provider is not as in control of their services as they claim.

In this article, reputable web hosting provider JaguarPC looks at the most common areas of your hosting service that might not be under the direct control of your host. You will learn the truth behind the way web hosting services are sold and the importance of retaining control over your server. By reading this article, you will be better able to make an informed decision about which hosting solution to choose.

Who owns the web hosting facilities that you use?

Every shared web hosting, virtual private server hosting (VPS hosting), and dedicated server hosting plan runs on a hardware server and needs to be located in a state-of-the-art data center. Often, data center features will determine not only the stability and uptime of your hosting service, but also the safety of your mission-critical data.

Of course, an entire data center is incredibly expensive to run. If a web hosting provider does operate its own data center, these costs are inevitably passed on to customers. When they are not, the expense of operating the facility reduces financial commitment to other important areas of service, such as customer support.

If your web hosting provider does not own and operate their own network data center, this is not necessarily a problem. However, the best web hosting providers will, at a minimum, own several cages, effectively retaining complete control over the equipment used to power your hosting service.

It is always advisable to check whether your hosting provider owns an entire data center, leases space, or operates from a small facility that is not optimized and designed explicitly for hosting. Some hosts may omit this information from their website if they believe it could harm sales.

Quality technical support depends on web hosting expertise

Another area of web hosting services that is commonly out of the direct control of your hosting provider is customer service. Increasingly, web hosting providers outsource technical support and customer service duties to external providers. Outsourcing these types of business functions saves costs, but it can seriously affect the quality of your support.

It is very common to see a web hosting provider claim to offer 24/7/365 technical support – but where is this support really coming from?

In most systems, the support tickets you open are assigned a level based on the complexity of the problem. Ideally, you should look for a host that keeps support completely in-house. If not, the very least amount of support you will require is in-house support for tickets that escalate to level 2 and level 3.

By finding a web hosting provider who is in control of the support they offer, you can be confident that the help you need is just an email, a support ticket, or a phone call away. If your hosting provider is also in direct control of their hardware as described above, you can also be assured that your issues can be fixed quickly and efficiently, every single time.

Web hosting services controlled by you and your host, alone

A hosting provider that has control over their data center, hardware, software, and support is better able to deliver the quality of service you expect. However, there is also one other person who should always be in control of your hosting: you.

Particularly with VPS hosting plans and dedicated servers, it is likely that your ongoing requirements will be unique. As your knowledge grows or your development plans evolve, you may require remote reboots of your server, root access for complex commands, or simply an easy-to-use control panel for day-to-day administration.

As you explore the range of web hosting plans available, there is little doubt that the hosting company that has the most control over their service will deliver the quality you require. But do not forget the importance of having a hosting provider that also gives you control of your web hosting service, allowing you to change settings or perform remote tasks as required.

The best type of web hosting plan is the one that is controlled by your hosting provider on an overall basis, and controlled by you for routine tasks.

Web hosting plans with no hidden details from JaguarPC

As a leading web hosting provider, JaguarPC understands the importance of great customer service. This begins before you even place you order, with an open, upfront approach to sales.

JaguarPC operates out of multiple data centers, giving us the ability to carefully select a range of locations around the world. As a result, you can choose a web hosting plan, VPS hosting service, or dedicated server solution located wherever is most suitable for your customers.

Within private cages and racks at each facility, you can be confident that your server is launched on best-in-class hardware, including Supermicro servers that are owned, configured, and maintained by JaguarPC’s in-house staff.

Currently, JaguarPC offers shared web hosting, VPS web hosting, dedicated server hosting, and hybrid server solutions. These tiered packages are designed to suit businesses of all sizes. Whatever the scale of your web presence, JaguarPC has the ideal solution for you.

What’s more, every web hosting plan from JaguarPC comes complete with 24/7/365 technical support provided by our own highly experienced staff. Every JaguarPC tech support team member knows hosting inside out to make sure you receive responsive support on just about any subject.

For more information on web hosting services from JaguarPC, call 1-888-338-5261 or visit

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