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JaguarPC cPanel Hosting has the Tools for Web Hosting Reseller Success

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Among the many online business opportunities, reseller web hosting businesses are some of the fastest growing and most successful Internet based businesses today. Every website and online business needs a web hosting provider. A web hosting reseller business enables you to provide the hosting and IT foundation for those who need a reliable web hosting provider. In order to make the details of running your reseller hosting business seamless, you need powerful tools that are easy to use.

The caliber of your hosting partner and the quality of the hosting services your website hosting provider offers is the most important consideration when choosing a reseller web hosting account. Other factors, including administration and maintenance, contribute to your business success as well. This article explores the role that control panels in general, and cPanel web hosting features in particular, play in making your web hosting reseller business a success.

Tips for attracting and retaining quality customers

Since websites are online at all times, downtime means missed opportunities for your reseller hosting customers. Some of the most beneficial services to provide your web hosting customers include quick and thorough technical support so their hosting issues can be solved rapidly, scalable hosting plans so you can accommodate their hosting needs as they grow, and instant account creation so they can get started right away.

What is a reseller hosting control panel for?

The reseller hosting control panel is your virtual business office. Depending on the features available and the control panel’s usability, managing your business can be satisfying or it can be a nightmare. The control panel is the interface where you manage your business. And the control panel is the interface where your customers manage their web hosting accounts.

From the control panel you manage your own account, your customers’ accounts, and perform administrative tasks. You can create customized hosting plans, bill customers, interact with customers via email, view traffic patterns and bandwidth usage, and create or delete customer accounts. cPanel reseller hosting is the most popular choice of control panels because it provides a high degree of automation and a wealth of features for both hosting resellers and their customers.

cPanel tools to manage both your business and your client accounts

Your cPanel reseller hosting control panel has three levels of interaction: cPanel for your business website, cPanel for your customers to use with their web hosting accounts, and Web Host Manager (WHM) for administering your business.

  1. 1. cPanel for the business owner – As the administrator, you get access to cPanel features for your own sites, managing your customers, and for business tasks.
  2. 2. cPanel for the end user – Set up an account for each end user, giving your customers the ability to administer their website on their own.
  3. 3. Web Host Manager (WHM) – Create customized hosting packages, set up hosting accounts, and oversee bandwidth and disk space usage.

In addition to the management functions listed above, reseller hosting with cPanel can be installed with Fantastico, a script installer available to both you and your customers. You can set up billing and support using Fantastico, and your customers can easily install blogs, forums, polls and many more customized web features.

Improve you reseller traffic with cPanel web analytics

As a cPanel web hosting reseller, you want to make the most of every opportunity to get more customers. cPanel hosting features a control panel with three powerful web analytics tools including Analog, AwStats and Webalizer, designed to help you understand where your web hosting customers are coming from. Based on this traffic information, you can target your marketing to increase your customer base.

Your cPanel analytics tools provide both textual and graphical data with information about visitor habits from a general level to a highly detailed level. Analyze viewing patterns of web pages, streaming media, email, requests for specific pages and links, and many more options.

Improve your business using JaguarPC cPanel reseller hosting

The best way to attract customers and keep them happy is by offering a strong product. JaguarPC web hosting with cPanel is reliable, highly available web hosting based on a network built for speed and security. With quick data transfers and 99.9% uptime, you can be confident that your business is in good hands and your customers receive the top quality web hosting they expect.

JaguarPC support technicians are available around the clock to take care of every question you have so you can give your customers timely and thorough service. The control panel tools available with cPanel reseller hosting mean your website and your customers’ websites can be managed with ease. Visit today to learn how cPanel reseller web hosting plans can help improve your web hosting, your market reach, and your customer base.

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