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JaguarPC Invites Applicants for New Technical Support Representatives and Customer Service Representative Positions

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Leading web hosting provider JaguarPC is now hiring representatives for customer service and technical support positions.

Fulshear, TX (PRESS RELEASE) May 2, 2012 – JaguarPC, a provider of web hosting services including shared web hosting, virtual private server hosting (VPS hosting), and dedicated server hosting plans, announced today that it is accepting applications for new Technical Support Representative and Customer Service Representative positions. This latest recruitment drive is a direct response to the continued growth and popularity of JaguarPC’s competitive web hosting services, as well as the company’s determination to keep service standards high.

“JaguarPC continues to be a leading web host, with great web hosting services ranging from affordable shared hosting plans to professional VPS hosting solutions,” says Greg Landis, CEO at JaguarPC. “Our success is the result of consistently excellent hardware performance, along with dependable customer support. To deliver both of those things, we rely on the great people at the heart of our business. To maintain the standards of service that JaguarPC has become known for, we need more people to join our team.”

Representing a significant investment in the continued growth of the company, JaguarPC’s recruitment of technical support representatives will help to ensure that the hardware and software customers rely on works efficiently. The key responsibilities of this role include proactive server monitoring to guarantee stability and reliability across every web hosting plan, migrating new customers to JaguarPC’s range of hosting solutions, and providing technical support to customers in need of assistance.

Applicants are expected to have an in-depth understanding of how web hosting services work, with experience in installing and using Apache, MySQL, Exim, cPanel & WHM, and Linux. In addition, knowledge of shell scripting and the software required to deploy VPS hosting plans would be an advantage to applicants looking to work for a fast-growing web hosting company. Additionally, JaguarPC is determined to find new team members who can combine their technical expertise with the ability to deliver this insight as excellent customer service to web hosting customers around the world.

“Essentially, our technical support representatives carry out routine administration on servers, as well as more complex, technical tasks as specific situations dictate,” says Landis. “The people we recruit will be the people who really know web hosting servers inside-out and are willing to learn additional skills under the guidance of other team members. But hardware performance and software configuration is only one-half of JaguarPC’s offerings, and that is why it is important that our technical team can also work with customers to keep support standards high.”

Over the years, JaguarPC has become renowned for its customer support and service capabilities, offering help, advice, and assistance, 24/7/365. Whether customers have a technical issue or questions surrounding billing, it is important that the right help is always on-hand. Rather than letting the increased demand from new customers stretch the existing customer service team, JaguarPC plans to employ additional customer service representatives to work with web hosting users, whatever the nature of their inquiry. It is through this combination of the right technical staff and the best customer service staff that JaguarPC is able to provide customers with the service that they deserve.

“Servers, hardware, and software are all important things, but it’s the people that really make JaguarPC special,” says Landis. “This includes our customers and our team. We believe that if we have the best staff, and the happiest staff, we will have the best web hosting services and the happiest customers in the industry. We are determined to find the best people for these new positions at JaguarPC and reward them with competitive compensation, paid vacation, as well as reward programs and bonuses.”

As JaguarPC continues to grow in popularity, the regular expansion of the JaguarPC team is an essential element of maintaining good service. By intelligently recruiting the best technical experts alongside the best customer service staff, JaguarPC is investing its resources and finances where they matter most to the most important people of all – its customers.

To learn about and apply to JaguarPC’s Technical Support Representative and Customer Service Representative positions, visit

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