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JaguarPC Upgrades Web Hosting Network for Fast and Responsive Hosting Services

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When somebody goes online to explore your web presence, it is incredibly important that you deliver the best experience possible. Today, that means offering a wide range of exciting and interesting content, perhaps even including multimedia content, such as videos, music, or podcasts. Whatever dynamic content you give your customers, it is not unusual that as your traffic continues to increase, the performance of your shared web hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server, or hybrid server hosting plan suffers.

Not at JaguarPC. We understand how the web hosting industry changes and how the evolving demands placed on our server hardware and network infrastructure can affect website performance. To help you deliver an excellent customer experience that not only attracts visitors but also improves customer confidence and conversion rates, the JaguarPC team regularly reviews our core web hosting network. When we identify improvements that can be made by upgraded technology or new systems, we are always prepared to implement comprehensive changes that help our customers do better business.

JaguarPC is pleased to announce an overhaul of our web hosting network infrastructure, with new changes to our network back-end and front-end resulting in improved performance for every JaguarPC customer. Learn more about the latest JaguarPC network upgrades by reading our full press release.

Web hosting network improvements to boost the reliability and power of your web presence

In any complex web hosting network, devices and equipment can be divided into two areas. The first of these areas is the network back-end, handling the flow of traffic into and out of the network. The back-end is the foundation of any network, responsible for transferring data to the Internet providers who make it possible for customers to access content from anywhere in the world. The second section of a web hosting service network is the front-end, the part of the network that web hosting customers and their visitors interact with directly. This includes the hardware servers that store data, as well as the efficient switching of hardware to direct data within the network.

There is little use in upgrading or improving one of these areas without considering the other. A state-of-the-art front-end will ultimately only be productive if it is supported by similar back-end technology. The web hosting network upgrades implemented by JaguarPC cover both of these areas.

First, JaguarPC has implemented an all-new GigE back-end. GigE, or Gigabit Ethernet, offers a staggering, one-gigabit-per-second transfer rate, providing essential support for even the richest content types and the largest files. The GigE back-end is coupled with additional network backhauls, guaranteeing that data can enter and exit the JaguarPC network at lightning-fast speeds.

Regarding the front-end, JaguarPC has carefully selected the systems and features that will fulfill the potential speed as defined by the back-end, including new switching hardware to direct traffic as effectively as possible. For virtual private server hosting (VPS web hosting) customers, JaguarPC has also been able to launch KVM over IP systems. Kernel-based Virtual Machine over IP gives VPS hosting plan users full, secure, BIOS-level access to their virtual server, wherever they are in the world. This makes it possible for customers to enjoy more direct control over their server.

Order quality hosting with expert support from JaguarPC

Every one of the changes JaguarPC has made significantly improves the capabilities of the hosting network. Working together, these back-end and front-end improvements allow JaguarPC customers to enjoy faster, more responsive, and more reliable hosting than ever before.

With a network that is better than ever, JaguarPC’s shared web hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting, and hybrid server solutions can support your web presence from initial development, right through to coping with large-scale traffic increases. Every JaguarPC hosting plan is covered by a 100% network uptime SLA, providing customers refunds of ten times the proportional cost of their hosting, if downtime occurs.

To learn more about JaguarPC’s recent network upgrades, read the press release, call us at 1-888-338-5261, or visit today.

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