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Learn More about the Benefits of Drupal Hosting Services

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As businesses turn their attention to providing customers with exciting, dynamic, and content-rich web experiences, more and more web developers are building their websites around content management systems (CMS). A content management system makes publishing new content quick and easy, helps to keep your existing content organized in a hierarchical structure, and improves the usability of even the biggest websites.

One of the most popular content management systems is Drupal. Drupal hosting is used by approximately 1.25% of all websites on the Internet, with a list of satisfied customers ranging from the White House to Nike. But what do these organizations get from using Drupal hosting to launch their web presence and build their content? What are the specific features of Drupal hosting that make content management so easy?

In a recently published article, What is Drupal Hosting?, specialty hosting provider JaguarPC demystifies the world of Drupal hosting by describing the major features of Drupal and how these features could benefit your business. By reading our article, you will learn more about the importance of structuring content intelligently, and how Drupal hosting largely automates this process. You will also discover the Drupal hosting features that can be used to expand your web presence for years to come.

Organized content with Drupal hosting means more visitors and a better experience

Almost every organization hoping to do business online has woken up to the necessity of offering great content, from blog posts and press releases to informative articles and interactive discussions; it is no longer  sufficient to publish only a digital duplication of your product catalogue. However, as the average size of a web presence grows, it becomes a mammoth task to keep diverse pages of content sensibly organized. Business owners and web developers find themselves investing hundreds of hours working with content, sometimes at the cost of other business areas.

In JaguarPC’s Drupal hosting article, you will learn how the Drupal CMS imposes a hierarchical structure on your content, organizing all items into categories and sub-categories. Our article describes how, when you post new content, Drupal hosting actively prompts you to fix this content to a specific location within the established structure. The article also explains how organizing your content improves the overall usability of your website, making it easier for your visitors to find the information that they are looking for.

In addition, JaguarPC discusses how Drupal hosting creates a strong foundation for your website that can be built upon and expanded over time. You will learn how Drupal hosting keeps your content secure with granular user permissions, as well as how you can define custom content types within your Drupal hosting plan as your requirements change and evolve.

Get unlimited Drupal hosting services from JaguarPC

Drupal hosting includes a vast array of professional CMS features catering to your immediate needs, as well as the ones that may develop in the coming months and years. Similarly, JaguarPC’s Drupal hosting services are designed to guide your web presence from publishing its first few pages to developing a wealth of varied and interesting content.

With your future growth in mind, JaguarPC Drupal hosting plans include unlimited resources to handle large file sizes and high amounts of traffic. The JaguarPC Drupal hosting solution features unlimited domains, unlimited disk space, unlimited MySQL databases, and unlimited bandwidth, giving you the opportunity to build one expansive web presence or launch multiple individual Drupal hosting projects.

In addition, every Drupal hosting plan from JaguarPC includes 24/7/365 technical support, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and a 100% uptime service level agreement.

To find out more about Drupal hosting from JaguarPC, call 1-888-338-5261 or visit jaguarpc.com now.

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