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Linux VPS Hosting Plans vs. Windows VPS Hosting Plans: Which is Right For You?

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VPS hosting services let you share the costs of your VPS server with other users, saving you money over a dedicated server. And with VPS hosting you have complete control over your own private applications with guaranteed CPU resources intact. When choosing your VPS hosting service, one of the most important choices you will face is deciding between a Windows VPS hosting plan and a Linux VPS hosting plan. Each VPS hosting plan offers advantages in usability, speed, and support.

JaguarPC’s recently published article, Discover the Differences between Linux VPS Hosting and Windows VPS Hosting, shows the differences between the two platforms and provides information about the unique advantages each VPS hosting server offers customers.

Windows VPS Servers provide compatibility and convenience

Windows VPS hosting services provide many compatible options for businesses, webmasters, and web developers, especially if you are developing ASP.NET, ASP, and MSSQL database driven applications. Here are a few things to ask your VPS hosting service provider if you are considering a Windows VPS server:

  • Windows 2003 vs. 2008? Many VPS hosting services offer both versions of Windows VPS hosting as some applications will not run as well (or at all) in both versions. Ask your VPS hosting provider about the differences between the two to decide which one fits your needs better.
  • Control Panels? Though your VPS hosting service will handle many of the technical tasks for you, a fully featured Windows control panel is ideal so you can create email accounts, add databases, and upload files to your Windows VPS server. Check with your provider to see if they use Plesk web hosting control panel, cPanel web hosting control panel, or another control panel such as a home-grown control panel (a control panel built in-house). All web hosting control panels have their advantages and most hosting companies offer demos readily available on their websites.
  • Technical Support? Make sure you know how much support your VPS hosting company provides for your Windows VPS server and any applications you want to run on your VPS hosting plan.

Linux VPS Servers: A Stable Option at a Lower Price

Linux VPS hosting services, in addition to being less expensive and more flexible than Windows VPS servers, provide other advantages that might make it a better choice for your VPS hosting needs. If you go with Linux VPS hosting servers, make sure you ask these important questions:

  • GUI Control Panel? Linux VPS hosting, unlike Windows VPS hosting, does not guarantee a graphical user interface (GUI). Make sure your VPS hosting service uses one (e.g., cPanel VPS, Plesk VPS), particularly if your technical skills are not on par with a system administrator.
  • Flexibility? One of a Linux VPS server’s great advantages is its ability to grow with you and your business. Ask your VPS hosting service how much room for growth you will have as your personal or business website grows in the near future. Flexibility in disk space and bandwidth are two key points you need to address to determine optimal growth with your Linux VPS hosting plan.
  • Available Services? As Linux is an open-source operating system, the options for customization are endless. If you go with a Linux VPS hosting plan, find a VPS hosting service with extensive experience in Linux VPS hosting management and know-how in order to help you navigate the multitude of options Linux offers.


Let your VPS host help you compare Linux VPS Servers and Windows VPS Servers

JaguarPC can help you decide whether your personal website or your business website and applications require a Windows VPS hosting plan or a Linux VPS hosting plan. Our team of VPS hosting experts can help you determine which one is best suited to your VPS web hosting needs, and we can customize your service using multiple plans available on both platforms.

JaguarPC’s full-service VPS hosting services allow you to concentrate on creating content for your website while seasoned professionals maintain your VPS servers. A managed Windows VPS server or managed Linux VPS server will provide you with all the computing power you need.

To learn more about the differences between Linux and Windows VPS hosting, visit JaguarPC’s VPS hosting today. We will answer your questions and help you choose the best VPS hosting service for you.

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