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Looking for a Primer in Ecommerce Hosting? Check Out the Latest Entry in the Resource Center

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With more and more people giving up brick-and-mortar shops in favor of virtual stores, ecommerce is shaping up to be the future of retail. Already, is taking bold shots at the supremacy of traditional retail giants. The bankruptcy of Borders, which once dominated the book selling business, is a perfect example.

But ecommerce is not only for mammoth Internet companies. Ecommerce is a great option if you want to start your own business, and contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to pay a small fortune to become the owner of a successful online store. All you need (besides a knack for sales and a sound business plan) is a good home for your web store — in other words, a quality ecommerce hosting solution.

If you need a crash course on ecommerce website hosting, the latest article published in the JaguarPC resource center may be a good place to start. In the article, titled What You Need to Start Your Own Ecommerce Website, you can learn about all the important elements that you will need to build your store, including an ecommerce server, a payment processing service, and a shopping cart.

Make it easy for customers to shop at your web store

As the recent article from JaguarPC shows, it’s vital to create a seamless shopping experience for your customers. In online commerce, the slightest inconvenience may cause shoppers to give up on your site. You have only seconds to capture the attention of a potential buyer and guide them toward the final goal: the purchase.

To achieve great conversion rates, you must ensure a smooth, glitch-free user experience, which is only possible if you invest in a quality ecommerce website hosting service. No matter what type of ecommerce server you choose (VPS, dedicated, or cloud-based), make sure that you provision adequate resources. If you’re not sure what kind of resources you need, your ecommerce hosting provider can advise you on resource requirements, based on your current traffic and on the growth that you expect over the next year.

Your choice of shopping cart depends on your specific needs and budget. Regardless of your choice in this area, you should select an ecommerce hosting solution that supports multiple shopping carts, such as X-Cart, Agora, osCommerce, and others. The same goes for the payment processing system. Note that some ecommerce hosting companies can give you access to good deals on a merchant account and processing system. Read more in What You Need to Start Your Own Ecommerce Website.

Get an all-inclusive ecommerce website hosting solution at JaguarPC

By opting for the ecommerce web hosting services provided by industry-leader JaguarPC, you get a powerful hosting solution that is specifically tailored for the particularities of the ecommerce industry. Your ecommerce server will come configured out-of-the-box to support the most popular, free, and commercial shopping cart applications. Plus, you get access to an merchant account with 250 free transactions, no application fees, and low transaction fees.

Start today with ecommerce website hosting or learn more about our affordable and reliable hosting solutions by visiting or calling 1-888-338-5261 today.

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