Looking for a Secure Hosting Plan with Everything Included? ~ Jaguarpc Looking for a Secure Hosting Plan with Everything Included? ~ Jaguarpc

Looking for a Secure Hosting Plan with Everything Included? Try JaguarPC

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From online stores to membership sites, secure web hosting is necessary for numerous types of online properties. Gone are the days when you could rely on chance to secure sensitive data and keep your websites safe from intrusions. In today’s hyper-connected world, you must proactively defend your virtual assets, just as you do to ensure the physical protection of your home or business.

When you go shopping for a secure web hosting solution, you will notice that service descriptions are packed with an abundance of technical terms and acronyms: SSL, SFTP, PCI DSS, IDS, continuous backup, Denial of Service … and the list goes on. While a basic hosting plan can be easily judged in terms of quality and quantity, with a secure web hosting service, you need to determine the importance of each of these terms and decide if you actually need it for your application. To help you make sense of it all, JaguarPC recently published a useful resource titled What Makes a Secure Web Host Secure.

The article reveals the most important features that should not be absent from any truly secure web hosting plan. From SSL encryption support to the presence of adequate security software, the article describes in a concise manner the top security-related features worth investing in.

Learn about JaguarPC’s feature-rich secure hosting plans

As the above-mentioned JaguarPC article points out, the notion of security is relative. But nevertheless, a number of features are considered essential for any hosting plan that is labeled “secure.” Among them, SSL encryption and SSL certificates are of primary importance, as they enable confidential communication between the secure server and the visitors who make a purchase or exchange confidential information with the server.

Another important security feature that enables protected data transfer is the Secure FTP protocol (SFTP), which encrypts the connection between the server and the FTP client. With the importance of having a safe way to access a web server, all types of web hosting plans – not only secure hosting services – benefit from SFTP.

The other features described in the article include proper and regular maintenance services, good backup systems (preferably, continuous backup), and the utilization of appropriate security software, from antivirus and firewalls to intrusion prevention and monitoring systems.

Grow your online business in the safety of a secure hosting environment from JaguarPC

If you are looking for a secure web hosting solution that provides everything you need to protect your website and your visitors against hacking, data theft, and other threats, you should try JaguarPC’s range of secure hosting services. JaguarPC’s hosting environments fully comply with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard. With JaguarPC secure web hosting solutions, you can be sure that every transaction made on your website is safe from any type of threat.

Through a combination of quality, specialized hardware from Cisco and HP, top-notch security software, and the expertise of seasoned web professionals, JaguarPC manages to deliver best-in-class secure hosting services within a reasonable price range. Start out your online business on a sound foundation with JaguarPC.

To learn more about our secure web hosting plans or to order a solution for your business, visit jaguarpc.com or call 1-888-338-5261 today.

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