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Reliable Web Hosting: Find Great Hosting the Smart Way

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Every day, thousands of people fire up their browsers, go to Google, and type in two words: reliable hosting. The demand for “reliable” web hosting is huge. People actually care about great uptime and the performance of their websites even more than they care about the costs of the service or the prestige of the hosting provider.

But the sad truth is that web searches are not particularly good at finding reliable web hosting services. So how can the average website owner find a truly reliable service? And what defines the reliability of a hosting service? In this article, we explain why you shouldn’t rely exclusively on reviews and Google searches when looking for a reliable hosting company. Also, we explore what reliable hosting really means and what you can do to find a solution that completely meets your reliability needs.

Why Google searches are not always the answer

So what do people get when they Google “reliable hosting”? Mostly review sites that make money every time a visitor clicks on an affiliate link. These review websites have no interest in offering unbiased advice about reliable web hosting companies; their entire business model is based on enticing people to click on links. Stay away from them.

Other pages from Google’s search results belong to actual hosting providers. These companies have probably invested a lot of cash and time in search engine optimization (SEO) to rank as highly as possible in Google’s results. If Company X ranks highly in Google, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the company provides the most reliable web hosting solutions. Instead, Company X may have simply invested heavily in SEO to become more visible to search engines than its competitors.

Instead of relying on search engines to find reliable web hosting services, you should instead let the facts do the talking. But before discussing the factors that influence the reliability of a hosting service, let’s take a look at what reliability means in the hosting industry.

Reliability equals uptime? Not always

For most people, a reliable web hosting solution is a host that “doesn’t give up on you,” i.e., a host that remains available 24 hours a day. But does a 99.99% uptime guarantee ensure the reliability of a service? Not always. The fact that a website is accessible round-the-clock does not guarantee that your users will enjoy a satisfying browsing experience.

Let’s look at an example. Some hosting providers routinely oversell their web hosting space, especially in the case of shared hosting plans. Overselling happens when providers host more customers than they should on one server, relying on the fact that clients won’t need all their resources at the same time. But imagine what happens when several customers suddenly begin using their resources to the fullest. All the sites hosted on the server will suffer from slow loading pages and error messages.

Overselling is only one common problem that affects the reliability of a website. Poor server administration, lacking or inadequate support services, and slow response times are a few of the other issues that create problems for website owners.

To conclude, when gauging the reliability of a hosting service, you should not rely exclusively on availability figures. Yes, high availability is important, but you should consider other factors too.

Look for the clues

Sometimes, finding a truly reliable web host takes a little detective work. However, the reward is definitely worth the time and effort. Here are a few telltale clues that can help you separate the gems from the duds.

The experience of the hosting company

A provider with over 10 years of hosting experience is probably more reliable than a company that started their business last year. The last thing that you want is your hosting provider to go out of business without notice. New companies are not necessarily unreliable, but an established one is more likely to be around next year.

The portfolio of services

If you analyze the offers of some hosting companies, you will notice that they provide a limited range of services, typically only including shared hosting. A one-service offer can mean that the provider is actually a hosting reseller. Resellers are generally less reliable than large hosting providers because all they do is repackage a service and sell it to you, without adding value. To get a reliable web hosting service, skip the middlemen and go directly to the established company.

The price range

If an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is. Reliable hosting takes money to run, so if a provider makes you an offer that is well below the average price of the market, ask yourself why their price is so low. Not all cheap hosting providers are unreliable, but low costs are usually obtained by sacrificing quality.

The reputation of the company

This one is tricky. The reputation of a provider does not necessarily reflect its reliability, but it is a good idea to do some searching to gauge the general perception of a company. You should not give too much credence to reviews, however, as they are usually made only to draw clicks. Focus instead on forum discussions, social networks, and blog comments – you will usually find honest opinions there. Negative comments should be taken with a grain of salt – people tend to be much more vocal when they are not satisfied about something.

The appearance of the website

In most cases, you should not judge a book by its cover. But when looking for a reliable web hosting company, it pays to be attentive to things like poor website design, bad copy, or glaring spelling mistakes. After all, a provider that doesn’t care about its online image is not likely to go the extra mile to ensure the quality of the services it provides.

Looking for a reliable host? JaguarPC will exceed your expectations

As a top provider of web hosting services with more than 14 years of experience, JaguarPC offers a full range of reliable hosting services, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated server hosting. Over the years, JaguarPC’s services have received dozens of awards, reflecting the hard work of the team behind the JaguarPC logo.

Round-the-clock support via multiple channels, 100% network uptime, daily backups, an unconditional money-back guarantee – these are just a few of the features that make JaguarPC your best option if you are looking for a truly reliable web hosting solution. No matter what type of website you want to run and what level of performance you are targeting, JaguarPC will make it happen for you.

Learn more details or order your own reliable web hosting solution today by calling 1-888-338-5261 or visiting

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