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Save Money the Smart Way by Choosing a Linux Dedicated Managed Server

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Web hosting is one of the factors that can determine if an online project, whether it is blogging, a social media platform or a marketing web site, becomes popular or fails miserably. Good web hosting is more than just space on a server to house your web site. Without an appropriate web hosting solution, even the best designed and executed online presence risks failing to achieve its purposes.

Many web professionals recommend Linux dedicated servers as an all-around excellent web hosting solution at a reasonable price. Linux dedicated servers are capable machines when properly configured, offering a secure and stable hosting environment. No matter the application and the performance requirements, Linux delivers consistent results. Even better, Linux is available free of charge, which significantly decreases the costs of running a web server. To take advantage of the accessibility and superior capabilities of a Linux server, the web server should be configured, monitored, and managed by a knowledgeable professional that knows all the characteristics of the Linux environment.

For most users, the best option is to hand over server administration to the web hosting provider by opting for a managed Linux dedicated server. Let’s see how a fully managed Linux dedicated server hosting solution offers real savings, without compromising the quality of the hosting service. In addition, we will explore how managed services protect your investment and you will learn other benefits of using a managed Linux dedicated hosting solution.

Why is managed Linux dedicated hosting budget-friendly?

In many cases, managed Linux dedicated hosting solutions are the most affordable solution for your high-performance hosting needs. First, Linux dedicated managed hosting services are far less expensive than similar dedicated servers that use Windows Server as an operating system. Linux is freely available for commercial use, decreasing the cost of software licensing, which is one of the factors that determines the final price of a dedicated server.

The price difference between a Linux dedicated managed server and a Windows machine is substantial and in time, can amount to thousands of dollars. Nevertheless, Linux does not lag behind when it comes to quality and for this reason it is recommended that you opt for Linux dedicated hosting managed servers whenever possible.

Fully managed Linux dedicated server hosting offers another financial advantage over Windows dedicates servers – the open source ecosystem. Linux is the foundation of a thriving ecosystem of open source applications that can be used by anybody free of charge. The scope of open source software is wide, so you can find an open source application for virtually any task. Perhaps the best known are the popular Apache web server, PHP development framework, and MySQL database, which together power many of the world’s web sites. cPanel, WordPress, and Zen Cart are other prime examples of open source applications that run on Linux dedicated hosting managed servers. Even if it is an indirect cost, the price of software is a significant factor that tips the scales in favor of managed Linux dedicated server hosting.

Quality managed services do not cost a fortune

One of the main concerns of customers interested in managed Linux dedicated server hosting services is the cost of the managed service. Nevertheless, as more and more providers have entered the managed Linux dedicated server hosting market, the prices of managed services have decreased substantially. You can now find feature-packed managed Linux dedicated hosts at affordable prices.

Moreover, the premium paid to benefit from the managed services is entirely justifiable when you consider the savings created in time and the superior level of reliability offered by a fully managed Linux dedicated server hosting solution.

In hopes of saving money, some companies choose to keep server administration in-house. In-house server administration has its benefits, such as better control over the machine and a greater degree of flexibility. To profit from these advantages though, companies need to employ a professional server administrator, with all the associated costs, or assign the workload to a current member of the staff. Few businesses can afford the luxury of having a dedicated administrator. For businesses that cannot afford a dedicated administrator, Linux dedicated managed services is the best solution.

Protect your investment with a fully managed Linux dedicated server

Managed Linux dedicated hosts have another advantage that makes them a smart investment: reliability. A fully managed Linux dedicated server is proactively monitored by specialists who look for signs of problems and stop them before they can affect your web site or web application. Having an expert on guard can prove vital, especially if your entire business depends on the performance of the hosting environment. The engineers employed by the Linux dedicated managed server hosting provider have a bird’s eye view over the servers so they can quickly spot any anomaly or threat. When required, the administrators intervene to stop minor glitches from developing into full blown crises.

More than that, by opting for a fully managed Linux dedicated server hosting solution, you can benefit from complementary services such as security hardening and non-stop system monitoring that you would otherwise have to handle yourself.

From this perspective, the monthly cost of a managed Linux dedicated server hosting service is the insurance rate that you pay to protect the premium (your valuable long-time investment) from attacks and disasters.

Get industry-leading managed Linux dedicated servers from JaguarPC

With more than 13 years in the web hosting business and thousands of satisfied customers, JaguarPC offers industry-leading managed Linux dedicated hosting services at affordable prices. The fully managed Linux dedicated server hosting solutions provided by JaguarPC are powered by the latest hardware and software technology. The reasonable cost of the Linux managed dedicated servers makes them an excellent alternative to Windows machines and unmanaged solutions.

For a small monthly fee, your server will be proactively monitored against all types of problems, day and night. JaguarPC’s technicians are committed to ensure the functioning of your dedicated server so you can focus on your business without worrying about downtime or lost data. Security is an especially important issue for JaguarPC so each managed Linux dedicated server receives a free initial security hardening, custom firewall, and other security enhancements. At JaguarPC, you get the peace of mind knowing your valuable work is safe from harm.

To learn more about the Linux dedicated managed servers or to order a plan, call 1-800-659-9585 or visit today.

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