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Solve Crises in Minutes Not Days by Choosing a Reliable Managed Windows VPS Hosting Solution

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When IT crises hit in the business sector, the potential for damage is tremendous. No matter if we are talking about a small family company or the most powerful corporation, technology is a vital aspect in the modern enterprise world, and sometimes millions of dollars are at stake. In their bid to remain competitive in an increasingly global arena, American companies spend billions every year to protect precious IT assets against threats, with one aspect in particular being considered of paramount importance – hosting infrastructure.

The risks justify the level of investment in server protection and backup systems. Hacking attacks, software bugs, and natural or manmade disasters can bring down revenue generating websites and applications and hurt the bottom line of any business.

Managed VPS hosting solutions provide customers the reliability and disaster-recovery capabilities required to mitigate any problem in a timely manner. In this article, we discuss why managed Windows VPS hosting is the best option for customers that require failsafe hosting solutions. You will also learn which essential disaster mitigation features should be included in any quality managed Windows VPS hosting plan.

Take the guesswork out of server administration with a managed Windows VPS hosting service

Server administration is an activity that many companies choose to handle internally, either by hiring dedicated personnel for the task, or assigning the workload to an existing staff member. In the majority of cases, server administration is the job of one staff member, who handles various tasks, from application deployment to troubleshooting and server maintenance.

But what happens after hours, when the administrator goes home? Few small to medium sized businesses can afford to have a server admin on guard in-house, 24 hours a day. As a result, a company’s web server sits unmonitored 16 hours a day. If a problem arises during off hours, it’s often only discovered the next morning. In the meantime, web visitors encounter errors or, in some cases, they can’t access the website at all. In the best case scenario, the server admin receives an alert message and can work to solve the problem from home, but that’s the exception and not the norm.

With a managed Windows VPS hosting solution, you can rest assured that your online presence is actively monitored 24 hours a day by a dedicated server admin who is trained to spot problems and solve them quickly. You will no longer have to wait until the next morning to resolve a strenuous issue. If your website goes down in the middle of the night, you can call your managed Windows VPS hosting service provider and report the problem. A professional will look into it right away.

Windows managed VPS solutions let you improve the reliability of your website or web application by decreasing downtime. You no longer have to wait for your system administrator to get back to work, and depend on unpredictable factors such as traffic or cell phone coverage. Windows VPS hosting plans also relieve you of the burden of training personnel, finding replacements for staff members who leave, or solving problems by yourself while the server administrator is on vacation.

Opt for a VPS host that gives you proper damage control options

When a VPS hosting problem develops into a full-scale crisis, it is important to act quickly to solve it. The solution may be a simple tweak in the configuration of the server, stopping a rogue service, or even a reboot of the server. If you opt for a managed Windows VPS hosting service, all you need to do in order to solve a problem is contact the managed Windows VPS host. In most cases, you will need to submit a support ticket in the provider’s system, so the issue can be tracked with ease. Most providers offer email, chat, and phone support, so you will have no problems contacting the server manager.

Before you opt for a managed VPS hosting service, make sure you check what managed services are included in the package. Some providers offer very few services in their base packages, meaning that you may be forced to pay hefty fees even for the most basic tasks, such as server reboots.

To ensure that you can solve any issues with your Windows managed VPS in a timely manner, opt for a managed VPS hosting plan that includes damage control services. Among the most important services that you can use to solve issues with your dedicated VPS are the following:

  • Remote Hands – if you need someone to execute a physical operation, such as toggling a switch or visual verification, a non-stop Remote Hands service is essential.
  • OS reinstall – in some extreme cases, it may be necessary to reinstall the operating system on your managed Windows VPS host.
  • Compromised server recovery – with rampant security threats, there is always a real danger of falling victim to a hacking attack. If your VPS hosting service was compromised, you can ask your provider to execute a full server recovery.
  • Free reboots – sometimes a simple reboot can solve performance issues and bring websites back online. Make sure your managed Windows VPS hosting service includes free reboots.

Preventing crises is always easier than solving them once they strike. In addition to the available services mentioned above, you should consider choosing a managed VPS hosting service that offers a comprehensive set of monitoring services, such as ping monitoring, service monitoring, or network intrusion detection, as well as a quality backup system.

Sleep more soundly with JaguarPC’s managed Windows VPS hosting solutions

Disaster recovery should be a primary concern for all website owners, no matter the size or nature of the online presence. Without proper problem mitigation solutions in place, there is a constant threat that small problems escalate into full-blown crises, with potentially huge damages in terms of revenue, productivity, and public perception.

For all customers concerned about the safety and reliability of their online presence, JaguarPC offers some of the best managed Windows VPS hosting services on the market. JaguarPC has the infrastructure and human resources required to offer high quality managed Windows VPS hosting plans. If you are looking for a complete service package at an affordable price, JaguarPC’s managed Windows VPS hosting solutions may be the right solution for you.

To learn more about the managed VPS services offered by JaguarPC or to order an affordable and reliable managed hosting plan, please call 1-800-659-9585 or visit

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