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Spend Less Time Editing Your Website Images with Your cPanel Hosting Plan

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Of all the tasks involved in managing your own website, processing images is one of the most time-consuming. Webmasters routinely spend hours working with images to make them the right size or the right format for their requirements.

But did you know that with a cPanel hosting plan, you can edit images directly on your server? The Image Manager tool is a commonly ignored cPanel hosting feature that many webmasters do not know they have available. The Image Manager is also a feature that almost every website owner could benefit from using.

Read on to learn exactly what the Image Manager can do, and how it could save you time when managing and manipulating graphics for your website.

Create thumbnails using your cPanel hosting service

Thumbnails are smaller versions of images that are often used to preview larger images. Adding thumbnails to your website allows customers to see multiple images at once, making it easier to choose which images they want to view next. In addition, inviting visitors to select their chosen image from a thumbnail gallery is an effective way to reduce bandwidth usage as visitors typically do not download large photos until they find the one they need.

Under the Image Manager option in cPanel, you can select a tool called Thumbnailer. Thumbnailer can take a directory of images and shrink them all to your preferred thumbnail size. You can reduce the image size by percentage, and ask cPanel to maintain the aspect ratio of the original image, preventing the image from becoming distorted.

When executed, Thumbnailer creates a small version of each image in your folder, with the prefix “tn_,” and stores it in a “Thumbnails” folder. You can then use your new thumbnails immediately, without needing to move them around your server to the desired location.

cPanel hosting plans include Image Scaler for resizing individual images

Sometimes, you may need to resize a specific image while leaving the rest of the directory intact. For example, you may have a photo you want to publish on your site, but it is simply too big. Rather than using software on your PC to correct the image, cPanel can help.

Whether you want to make images bigger or smaller, cPanel hosting services include a powerful Image Scaler tool. After selecting the image you want to edit with Image Scaler, you will be able to set the new dimensions in pixels, express the new size as a percentage, and lock the aspect ratio to prevent distortion.

You can also save the original image, creating the resized version as a new file. Alternatively, cPanel hosting can delete the original image to free up your disk space.

Using cPanel hosting to convert image formats

Finally, you can use your cPanel hosting plan to convert the file type of multiple images. Perhaps you are running software that requires images to be in a specific format, or have not created your images in the most appropriate file type. For example, serving your text-based logo in a high-quality bitmap (.BMP) file will result in long loading times and excessive bandwidth usage.

Like Thumbnailer, the cPanel Convert Image Format tool accepts an entire directory of images in a wide range of formats. You can even select a directory with a mixture of .PNG, .JPG, .GIF, and .BMP files and, in just one click, have them automatically converted into a single file type. Although this is possible offline by opening an image editor and exporting each file individually, cPanel hosting services provide a faster and more efficient alternative.

Make sure you take advantage of everything your cPanel hosting plan has to offer. With the Image Manager built in to every cPanel installation, there is no need to waste your time on repetitive image processing.

cPanel hosting services with professional support from JaguarPC

JaguarPC is an experienced cPanel hosting services provider, and offers cPanel with shared web hosting plans, virtual private server hosting plans, and dedicated servers. We believe that the features of cPanel are valuable tools for webmasters, and help our customers make the most of their hosting experience.

cPanel hosting services from JaguarPC come with extensive customer support, including an online knowledgebase, video tutorials, and an active discussion community. Customers can alternatively contact JaguarPC for personal support, 24/7/365.

To learn more about cPanel web hosting plans from JaguarPC, call 1-888-338-5261 or visit jaguarpc.com now.

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