Start Your Own Online Store with an Ecommerce Hosting Plan ~ Jaguarpc Start Your Own Online Store with an Ecommerce Hosting Plan ~ Jaguarpc

Start Your Own Online Store with an Ecommerce Hosting Plan from JaguarPC

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Ecommerce may sound simple in theory – you set up your virtual store, visitors come by, and before you know it, you cash in on your first sale. If only reality were that straightforward …

In real life, creating an ecommerce site from scratch takes a lot of work and patience, and in many cases, a hefty investment. Unfortunately, there is no step-by-step recipe for succeeding in ecommerce. Countless entrepreneurs learn this lesson the hard way, with blown budgets, missed deadlines, and sleepless nights.

Does this mean that you should reconsider your plans to start your own online store? Well, probably not – JaguarPC’s dedicated ecommerce web hosting services can make starting an online store a lot easier. With an ecommerce web hosting plan from JaguarPC, you get a complete toolbox that includes a capable ecommerce server, an affordable merchant account, and several preinstalled shopping carts that you can use to build your site.

Why should you go with JaguarPC’s ecommerce hosting service?

Choosing an ecommerce hosting service from JaguarPC will save you time and money – and potentially, lots of it. When you set up a new business venture, you shouldn’t have to focus on SSL encryption or payment gateways. You should channel all your energy towards your business model, and leave the nitty-gritty details to a professional.

JaguarPC’s ecommerce website hosting services let you do just that. Instead of scouring the web to find a reliable, reasonably-priced payment processing service, simply try JaguarPC’s ecommerce web hosting plan. With JaguarPC, you can begin processing credit cards right away, without breaking the budget: you get an account (the most reputable provider of payment processing services), 250 free transactions, no application fees, and low transactions fees.

No matter if you choose a dedicated server or a virtual private server, with JaguarPC you have the guarantee that your ecommerce server is fully-equipped to host an online store. Whether you choose X-Cart, Agora, osCommerce, or another ecommerce hosting software, JaguarPC guarantees that your shopping cart will work right away. You will no longer have to lose time and money troubleshooting your ecommerce server.

Are generic hosting solutions suitable for ecommerce hosting?

Some would-be online retailers may ask the perfectly natural question: why should I choose a specialized ecommerce hosting plan over a generic solution that I can customize the way I want?

Well, if you opt for a generic solution to host your web store, you may soon encounter unforeseen obstacles. For instance, every shopping cart makes use of a SQL database to hold the data about your products and users, including inventory entries and delivery addresses. A generic hosting plan may be suitable for a blog or a static website, but it may have limited SQL support. The same goes for other essential features, such as SSL certificates, dedicated IPs, and specific server settings.

On the other hand, a dedicated ecommerce website hosting plan is pre-configured for ecommerce hosting. For you, this means no improvisations, no wasted time, and no bad surprises down the road.

Put your best foot forward with JaguarPC’s top ecommerce hosting services

Stop wasting time with underpowered, badly-configured hosting solutions that were not designed for ecommerce from the ground up. If you’re serious about your online business, the only way to go is with a specialized ecommerce hosting service.

With JaguarPC, you get a pre-configured solution that is guaranteed to be compatible with the most popular commercial and open source shopping carts. You also get all the elements you need to start selling online – SSL security, merchant account and payment gateway integration, and a wide selection of shopping carts. If you ever need the support of an expert, JaguarPC’s technicians have the experience required to get your store up and running. Benefit from the leading ecommerce hosting services from JaguarPC and start making money online right now.

To learn more about JaguarPC’s leading ecommerce web hosting plans, or to order a solution, visit or call 1-888-338-5261 today.

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