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Streamline your Business with a Fully Managed Windows Dedicated Server Hosting Solution

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When the economy is sluggish or even poised for recession, managers from companies of all sizes need to find new ways to improve the bottom line, by cutting costs and channeling funds towards value added investments. At the same time, even the companies that enjoy a solid growth need to be on the lookout for ways to streamline their operations in order to keep the momentum and maintain growth perspectives.

One area that requires constant funding, technical expertise, and administration know-how is the IT department, especially server administration. Many managers think that an in-house server administrator (with all the associated costs – salary, benefits, training, etc.) is an absolute necessity in order to run a web site or web application. JaguarPC challenges this perception with its lineup of managed Windows dedicated server hosting services. Windows dedicated managed servers let companies and organizations streamline their business, by directing talent towards truly important tasks, such as creating a compelling online presence that drives attention and revenue.

Be more efficient by opting for a managed Windows dedicated server hosting service

Efficiency should be a primary goal for any IT manager as efficient companies have smaller operational costs, are more productive, and generally better prepared to handle competition. The managed Windows dedicated hosting solutions offered by JaguarPC let you improve your efficiency by putting professionals in charge of difficult and complex tasks, such as building secure hosting environments and making updates to live mission-critical systems.

First, opting for a Windows dedicated managed server from JaguarPC is better from the financial perspective, meaning that managed Windows dedicated servers let you invest your funds more efficiently. This may sound counter-intuitively, because fully managed Windows dedicated server hosting services are more expensive than other hosting solutions.

Nevertheless, you need to consider the costs required to employ or train an in-house IT specialist, the investment in software, hardware, and equipment, plus the costs of maintaining the equipment. All the costs add up, bringing the monthly costs of hosting a web site or web application in-house above the fixed monthly rate for JaguarPC’s fully managed Windows dedicated server hosting solutions.

Let a team of experts run your managed Windows dedicated server

With a managed Windows dedicated host, you tap into the wealth of knowledge of a team of talented professionals, who have a vast experience in working with managed Windows dedicated servers. JaguarPC’s technicians handle everything about your managed Windows dedicated hosting solution, from applying patches and updates to the operating system, to actively monitoring your server non-stop, and reacting quickly when necessary.

Of course, you could opt for an unmanaged dedicated solution, and rely on the knowledge of your own staff. But think about it – no matter how well trained your team is, the expertise of a professional that runs Windows dedicated managed servers as their business, cannot be matched. JaguarPC’s team is accustomed to the particularities of each server configuration, and has all the skills and tools required to solve problems and identify them before they disrupt your business.

JaguarPC offers industry-leading fully managed Windows dedicated server hosting solutions

JaguarPC has been an authority in the Windows managed dedicated hosting industry for many years. Our engineers have the experience and knowledge required to fine-tune the functioning of your Windows server, so you get the best possible service without being concerned with technical details.

Combine the talent of JaguarPC’s tech team with the excellent infrastructure, and you get a cutting-edge solution that is ideally suited for enterprise use and other demanding applications. All managed Windows dedicated hosting solutions have attractive price tags, which will help you cut costs and improve efficiency.

To learn more about JaguarPC’s Windows dedicated managed servers, or to order a plan, visit www.jaguarpc.com or call 1-800-659-9585.

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